Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Beautiful Gift From Peacock Park

With everything going on, receiving a Beautiful Gift today was perfect timing!  And just look at this fabulous Gift I won at Gina Galvin's generous Giveaway over at PEACOCK PARK DESIGNS!  Not only is it Beautiful, but humorous, which is just my Style.  But then, everything over at PEACOCK PARK is so Stylish and Beautiful and Gina's amazing Home, Grounds, Business and Styles have been featured in some of my favorite publications: WHERE WOMEN CREATE, ROMANTIC HOMES and VICTORIA Magazines.  For those of us who are Francophiles Gina's Styling is pure Heaven on Earth!!! Gina's Beautiful Blog was actually the very first one I ever discovered here in the Land Of Blog and I was immediately hooked to Blogdome after being mezmerized by such images as this throughout Gina's Blog Posts:

Source: PEACOCK PARK Blog & "Where Women Create" Magazine ... This Conservatory that Gina has on her property is absolute PERFECTION... if I could squeeze one on my land I would have to have one!!! *Winks* 







And when Gina takes you along on Trips abroad via The Land Of Blog Posts of her Journeys, you will really feel as though you are there!  So if these Lovely Images of a glimpse into Gina's Magical World have mezmerized you as they have me, you really must pay her a visit and behold even more my Friends!

And Thank You again Dear Gina for a fabulous and most generous Gift... I LOVE IT!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Was that a real stuffed peacock I love it and that dress and what a great gift lucky you I am off to read her blog now xx

  2. Congratulations on winning that super fun and creative sigh. What a great way to start out my morning looking at all this eye candy. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  3. Good morning Dawn.....good for certainly deserve a sweet gift like that. I also love Peacock park designs....but you know.....being an anal as I am LOL LOL......I always wonder how she dusts??? LOL LOL LOL

    Leave it to me to think of that!!



  4. My dear Dawn,

    Joyce here...
    There you go again! I Love Peacock Park Designs! Love the conservatory and remember the article in the mag. I'm tellin ya, we are definitely cut from the same mold sista! Thanks for those beautiful photos.

    By the way...I tried leaving you a post last night from your previous post but blogger was doing wierd things again and it wouldn't post. Anyway just wanted you to know what a BIG heart you have and such huge responsibilities. I don't know the story with your daughter but I hope to heck she appreciates what you're doing for her by raising those sweet G-babies. You are a Saint my dear. I know it must be one day at a time finding the strength you need with everything you have on your shoulders. Give yourself a big pat on the deserve so much more.
    Hope this comment gets through to you this time.

    Hang in there. Hugs, Joyce

  5. Me again..

    P.S. thank you so much for your comments you leave..really appreciate them and love hearing from you.

    Hugs, Joyce


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