Friday, September 9, 2011

Too Much Is Just Enough... Guest Bedroom Makeover

"Too much is just enough..."
I recently saw this saying here in the Land Of Blog and obviously it suits me to a tee! *LOL*  I am absolutely lousy at editing... I'm a complete failure at being an Editor actually.  It's not that I don't want to be better at it, but lets face it, there's no minamalist here! *Winks*  Try as I might, I just keep adding to things.

Our Guest Bedroom needed a makeover desperately. Since it is rarely used for sleeping or Guesting, it tends to accumulate my stuff that I don't know what to do with yet.  Why is it not used much for sleeping or Guesting you might ask? Well, the rest of the Family and numerous past Guests are convinced its the Haunted Room of this Ole House, so I can get nobody, but me, brave enough to spend the entire Night there... and even during the Day it is virtually no-man's land.  Now, I've slept like a Baby in there on numerous occasions just to prove a point or to "escape" into my own little private Sanctuary since I know nobody will bother me IN THERE! *Winks*  No Spirits have bothered me... but I can't say the same for just about everyone else and so its one little room that doesn't get much use and I can actually "make pretty" with no risk of it getting messed up or the G-Kid Force taking over with a myriad of stray toys strewn about, like the rest of the house. *LOL*  So, I don't try to even thwart the Haunted Legends that have sprung up regarding said Guest Bedroom. *Winks*  Every so often we offer it up to one of the Kids or G-Kids as their very own room that they wouldn't have to share... and even offered it to Nanna when she was still mobile enough to move in with us... but, to date, no takers. *Smiles*  So you get the drift, it shall probably remain Gramma's Space to foof forevermore... or until the cast of 'Ghost Hunters' is invited to dispel or confirm any alleged Haunting!? *Winks* 

Well, it was high time for a major foofing because I'd had to move a lot of stuff in there...  from my Studio Cottage, which the Son lives in... and stuff my Mom (Nanna) allowed me to inherit when she moved to Cali recently... and the latest Found Treasures that I had to find a Space for and would be Storage for even more stuff that I want to keep, but keep out of sight until I use them, like Quilts and other Vintage Linens. *LOL*

Now, even though this is a tiny cozy room, being the Queen of Excess that I am, even after I got the majority of the room suitably made-over for the "normal" person's taste... I just couldn't stop... I kept adding a few more touches... and a few more... like one of those Pack Rats out in the Desert that keeps indefinitely dragging more Treasures that caught it's eye to fluff and trick out it's little Nest! *LOL*

Granted, I had some great recent 'scores' that I definitely wanted to showcase and find a place for... like fab Vintage Suitcases I picked up while Junquing and a Beloved Footlocker that used to belong to my Parents and traveled with our Family all over the World from before I was even born.  And two killer Vintage Wooden French Foot Forms, one being a diminutive Ladies Size 6AAAA and the other a Mens Size 10B... both having an amazing Patina and great Graphics.

And though only 2/3 of the room is complete, I'm quite happy with the results so far, I was able to cram quite a lot of the things I Love into this tiny space without it looking completely like a scene from "Hoarders" *Smiles, well, I think so but I'm sure it would be subject for debate in some circles... LOL*... and I got to play with some of my Vintage Scrabble Game pieces (that I proudly paid only 75 cents for the complete Game) in the vignettes... stack some of the Old Book Collection I'm currently having a Love Affair with acquiring from the Flea Market & Thrift Store prowls... and even openly "Hide" the Couture Style Witches Hat that will be a part of Princess T's Halloween ensemble this year! *LOL* 

Hey, they NEVER venture into this room so it's the bestest Hiding Place 'eva for Hiding things in plain sight!!!  *Smiles* And if you need a room for the Night... and the Legend &
Rumors of a possible Haunting doesn't deter you... or you dig that kinda thing and want a great Arizona Ghost Story & Experience to tell... well, it's recently foofed... and almost ready for occupancy... just 1/3 more to go...

Source: Shower Scene From "Psycho" Bing Images

And even though the room is tiny it has THREE doors leading to or out of it, including a Closet with a Secret Exit to another part of the House... so there's plenty of avenue's for 'Escape'  if you get freaked out!? *LOL... She says in her best Alfred Hitchcock Voice*

Source: The Fabulous Hitch... Bing Images

...  I'll leave the light on for ya... *Winks*

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Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Oh dear Dawn.....I love everything about that did such a wonderful job "feathering" your nest.



  2. Dawn what a fun room you have made girl..I love the olden suitcase's and the shoe last..All the colors just speak to me..I really hate the No color look that everyone is into right now..I just love color in my world..I pray all is well with you my friend..Thanks for sharing your wonderful space..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. I like that room! Wow!!! The suitcases you have are the best and that crazy quilt!!!! My mom said her mother made one a long time ago...I never saw it but I wish we still had that. I like my rooms full of stuff and they are. I need color... as much as I like the whites...I gotta have color! Alfred is one of my faves! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight!

  4. I love it Dawn! I wanna come stay! I'm one of those who dig ghosts *winks* As long as they're not murderous *gulps*....And too much is just right for me too! I'd have the best time looking at all your treasures. Vanna

  5. Love the bedside suitcases...and aren't they great for storage? Your dress form is sweet too!
    Blessings & hugs,

  6. Love all your finds, and the way you decorated with them brings them to "life". Very nice pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. LOVE THAT ROOMMMMMMM!!! and if I ever come to stay..... but whats with the scary room story Do tell me where I can read more.

  8. What a fabulous room! Love that crazy quilt and the vintage suitcases. I would be delighted to stay here, but would probably stay awake all night looking at the eye candy!

    Per your request, it's linkup time at Potpourri Friday! This is your official invitation!

  9. I just love those vintage suitcases! I think the room looks so fabulous and I love all of your pictures too!

    Hope you have had a great week. Yippee for the weekend!

    Best wishes,

  10. I'm so delighted to see this FanTasTic room again! It is so delightful!

    I am so pleased that you linked to Potpourri Friday. Your participation certainly makes the party more successful . I appreciate you and hope you will make this one of your regular stops each week!

  11. too much is just enough (:)


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