Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Harvest Moon Fantasy-Scapes...

For the ultimate in amazing Fantasy Halloween Props check this out my Friends... a Vintage Medical School Cadavre on a Wrought Iron stand with Wheels!!!  And as of Saturday he was still available at SWEET SALVAGE... but I wouldn't count on someone as rare as him not going Home with some lucky Gal even though he's tempting his present Owner, Nancy, of
 STEAM PUNK to consider keeping him all to herself. *Winks* I know I was enamored by him, he's got ALL the buzzers & bells of a rare Vintage hard-to-find piece and that's pretty hard to resist in a guy, no?!  *LOL*  I had never seen one before and thought he was pretty cool!

And I Hope you're ready for a mega feast of Eye Candy today my Friends!?
Here we go again... for more "Harvest Moon" Fantasy-Scape Magic... *Smiles*

So, have you seen anything yet you would like to have for your own Fantasy-Scapes my Friends?  I've literally overdosed you with Eye Candy and hopefully have whipped you into a Autumn inspired Decorating frenzy and not an Eye Candy Coma? *Winks*  I know that I've had a Rush of Inspirational Adrenalin coarsing through my viens and have acted upon it.  
Though I hesitated and was "lost" with a few of my fav items during this "Harvest Moon" Sale because I photographed them and failed to grab them immediately *winks*, at least I got the Photos of those items to continue to be inspired by. 

I'm a very visual person and two things will always awaken and stir creativity in me... images of Beautiful and Creative things... and being around Inspired and Creative People.   That positive energy is a spark that will ignite into a blaze of inspiration and the desire to create something myself every time I'm exposed to it.  Creativity of any sort, whether my own or someone else's Creations, feeds my Soul and nourishes my Artistic side.  If  you are the same then I Hope that all of the amazing Inspirational Ideas that my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE had and brought to Life in their "Harvest Moon" Event have Inspired YOU to create something wonderful to surround  yourselves with too this Holiday Season?  And if you are visiting or live around the Metro Phoenix area, stop by and experience it firsthand for yourselves... you still have until Sunday, September 18th, at 6:00 p.m. to discover some Found Treasures of your own there!  And there are many other great Shops all up and down 7th Avenue and the surrounding area for you to explore and go Junquing to your Heart's content...  so come along... lets continue Junquing together some more... you KNOW I had to go back more than once to take it all in and see what Treasures I'd missed on the Opening Day... so there will be one more SWEET SALVAGE "Harvest Moon" finale Post tomorrow... and then I shall take you along all week on other Treasure Hunts, Trunk Shows & Junquing Adventures... plus my 'reveal' of what I 'scored'!  I Hope you're having as much fun as we have?

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow!! What an amazing and cool place! I would love to go there. XO Katta

  2. Dawn!
    Pure eye candy!!
    I love all the old printer drawers and cabinets...
    and their huge assortment of medical goodies!
    I will be out your way first week in October.( will send you an email..)
    You must take me here!!
    Have a great week!

  3. Probably a good thing I don't live in your neck of the woods--there is so much awesome stuff in that place that I'd want to take it all home! Still, there's some wonderful inspiration. Pinning lots! :D

  4. Good morning Dawn....I'm still traveling but I will be in town for the next one. Your can "bet your booties" I'll be there! LOL




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