Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Gypsy Dreams

Since I came to the Gypsy Dreams Party so late yesterday I didn't feel I did it justice or a proper Gypsy Dreaming Post for you my Friends... so today we're back... having more Gypsy Dreams on the canvases of our imaginations... so come with me... to our Encampment... and into our World...

I'll pack you up in Gypsy Style with large Carpetbags holding all that you will need for an Enchanted Weekend.  The Beautiful Gypsy Girls will Dance for you in colorful costumes and blow you Gypsy Kisses... and captivate you with their uninhibited Wild, Free Spirits & Joy of Life...

We'll take you into the Gypsy Den and invite you into our sumptuously decorated Caravans so that you can experience the Romantasized Vision and Dreams you surely have of the Lifestyle.  Of the wonderful freeing experience of Traveling on the Open Road and doing it in Style.  Whatever Style you want to make it... you are only limited by the boundaries of your Imagination and how Large your Vision can be! 

I'll introduce you to my Talented Gypsy Dreaming Friends.  Of coarse we'll want to sell you our wares *Winks*, but there are many Beautiful Creations to choose from, that my Gypsy Dreaming Friends and I have made or scoured the Countryside for.  I'm certain you will find something you think you can't live without! *Smiles*  There will be Gypsy Bags, Sumptuous Exotic Fabrics and Pillows, Bohemian Jewelry, Gypsy Fashions, Exotic Fragrances, Incense and Oils... and many Vintage and Antique Treasures for you to Feather your own Gypsy Lairs. 

We will indulge you with Gypsy Hospitality and great Food, great Fellowship and great Finds... 
And when the Wanderlust strikes you again my Friends, you know you can always come back and join us again... because there's always room for one more Gypsy Soul on the Road...
So come... join us anytime... and let us expand our Vision & Live out our Gypsy Dreams...

Dream On My Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

**NOTE: The Lovely Gypsy Caravans pictured are the Vintage Bliss Lounge, The Rust & Roses Mini Manse and The Paris Montana Blacktop Boudoir... and the one For Sale... well, I'm still working my Gypsy Wiles on The Man for that one! Winks**


  1. What beautiful pictures! I just love everything....magical Gypsy Dreaming going on!!! I love making a party last....

  2. Wow! You have a whole caravan full of gypsy dreamers don't you!?! What a wonderful posting you've created, I just loved seeing everyone and all the fabulous outfits they donned!

  3. Lovin' all the gypsy eye candy! So many cute clothes! Tell Princess T I added her to my "Adorable" Pinterest board *winks* http://pinterest.com/vannah/adorable/ Vanna


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