Friday, September 30, 2011

Le Presbytere - Gypsy Vardo Dreams!


If you Love Gypsy Vardos as much as I do then you are totally enchanted by any new sites you discover here in the Land Of Blog that showcase Beautifully restored Gypsy Vardos and even have some available for Vacation Lodging!!!   I was visiting one of my favorite Friends in the Land Of Blog, Ce'cile Balladino, over at ECLECTIC GIPSYLAND and she introduced us to an amazing site, LE PRESBYTERE, where you can take your Vacation in Gypsy Style at these amazing Vardos pictured above!!! *Get out the smelling salts, I'm having a major Swoonfest!!!* Ma Tante Gillette (Aunty Gillette) is the yellow one, Ma Tante Martine (Aunty Martine), is the green one.   Can you only imagine a most Romantic Vacation in one of these Beauties?!?  For more information visit the links above... Thank You Ce'cile for the introduction to this Romantic Gypsy Vardo Dream Vacation Destination!!!  Here is yet another Destination to add to my "Bucket List"!!! *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! The post that dreams are made from!
    Dawn I need your address so please email me!!

  2. Thank you Dawn for the happiness that gets your pages, there is so much candy eyes! (I would like I could get through the screen of my computer to take advantage of it there really - lol!)
    With delay I wish a happy birthday to your wonderful girl!

    Beautiful day

  3. In response to so many Blog Friends who have had trouble leaving their comments I have temporarily disabled the word verification in Hopes that it will make it easier to leave a comment if you desire? I'm not certain if that will alleviate the problem or not? However, if I start getting lots of spam & tortured Souls leaving negative comments without a filter I may have to enable it again. *Winks* Want to keep this space Positive & enriching for myself and all others who visit! Let me know if this helps with the problem. I appreciate all of you who took the time to PM me to let me know of the problem.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. thank you very very much for this post !!! I just hope you'll come here once ! all the best and kind regards, Corinne

  5. Oh Dawn these are marvellous! What a wonderful cheery post! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and hugs from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx

  6. Loving the pics Dawn. i like your style.I hope things have going better.Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.Have a fun and creative day...Chickie

  7. Thank you so much Dawn, I hope you'll visit France one day. Maybe we could meet there.
    xxxx Cecile

  8. Dawn me wanty!! And I know you had to feel the same way too, gypsy soul that you are *winks* Aren't they marvelous?!I think it would be so cool to have one as a guest house in the backyard. Not too large and yet plenty of room to sleep two. I know I would probably sleep out there all the time myself *winks*
    As for disabling the word verification.....THANK YOU!!! I know many people won't leave comments if they have to deal with it. I disabled mine a long time ago. Blogger does a great job of stopping the spam on your posts, but there will still be the odd annonymous comment that comes through to your email. I just delete em. Vanna

  9. I sit here in my living room scheming on my trailer that I use to haul furniture, thinking,hmmmmm...could I turn this into a gypsy traveling pad, plus haul furniture that I find on the road, me n Scratchy could just camp out in the back of it...uh oh, the wheels are a turning Dawn!!!



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