Saturday, October 1, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered...

Have you ever wondered why people are attracted to particular things? I ponder such things. There are some who Love everything Contemporary... others Love what they envision to be Futuristic... and then there are those of us who adore what is Vintage or Antique and has some History behind it.  And even within those various differences of taste for the Past, Present or Future, there is a variety of Style that appeals to each person and different Color Palettes each of us is drawn to. There are those that prefer Natural over artificial & man-made.  And our Lifestyle certainly has an impact on what we surround ourselves with.  Lets face it, each of us is drawn to something that is particular to our own aesthetic, Lifestyle and preferences.  I know that the many Cultures, Styles & Lifestyles I've been exposed to throughout the course of my Life have been influential & transforming in many ways, it is interesting to see how we respond to what we have been exposed to... what do we take away from it, reject or embrace?
Some are more comfortable in a Minimalist environment with an own less, live more outlook.
For others of us more is within our comfort level and excess is our norm.  There are plenty of others who live somewhere inbetween less... and excess... depending on how much or how little is enough for them.  It's all very subjective really, but I find it to be a fascinating aspect of the human condition, these attractions to particular things... it does make us quite unique and distinctive in so many ways. 

 What one may adore another may abhor or be totally indifferent or ambivalent about.  And so I suspect that for every thing that there is, there is very likely someone who will Love it, be attracted to it or be drawn to it  and appreciate it in some Mystical way.  And when we find others who share our attractions, our Loves, our Passions, our particular aesthetic, interests & Lifestyle... well, there is that connection that is so very familiar that it makes it quite easy to become Friends, have a common bond and be totally comfortable with each other almost from the very start of a relationship.

Certainly we can and sometimes do connect to and form relationships with those who are polar opposites to us or don't have very much in common... but I have found that the old saying typically rings true... that birds of a feather flock together... and I really enjoy, Love & appreciate the flock I find myself a part of.   *Winks*

And if by chance you're feeling as though there is nobody like you... nobody that 'gets' you and understands what makes you tick & makes your Heart sing... trust me and be encouraged that there is!  And it is my Hope that you find those connections that celebrate you, accept you and embrace you... either because of your differences or because of your similarities.  And I Hope also that you feel that way about others too.  Because certainly variety is the Spice of Life and what a boring World it would be if we were all exactly the same & attracted to a narrow spectrum of things... imagine how very sad would it be if too many things went unappreciated, unloved and nobody felt anything about?!   Yes, I do wonder Why... the Mystery of it all... but at the same time I feel that everything IS as it should be in the grand scheme of things.

Dawn... The Bohemian

*Most images photographed at our Home, some photographed at SIRENS & SAINTS, FIGSCOTTAGE GARDEN 2 or NOT TOO SHABBY*


  1. We are all different and our differences keep life interesting.

    Good subject...

  2. I love everything in those photos, I collect most of them.

  3. Are you kidding me, I'm in love with your blog!!! I came to your blog by way of Lisa Ferrante's blog, I love her art!! Well I am now one of your biggest fans and am going to spread the word out there in blog land just how fun your blog is, thanks for sharing!!
    I'm over the moon about the gypsy caravans as well, got to get me one of those. I'll but it in the back yard and use it for my very own play house!!


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