Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frolicking At Frilly Frocks

I adore Creative Fashions... I'm not an off-the-mass-produced-rack kinda Gal... never have been, never will be. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it does have to be distinctive and of my aesthetic, I'd rather have a few clothes I Love than a wardrobe full that I'm ambivalent about.  I'm the type of Gal that will save my pennies forever and a day to get a signature anchor piece for my wardrobe that I Love. One that has a Fashion Flair of distinctive Creativity and Artistic expression.  It doesn't necessarily have to be OOAK, but if it looked common or ordinary I'm just not that attracted to it and would probably rarely wear it.  It doesn't have to be a brand, a label, expensive, or on trend... I like what I like regardless of what Fashion Critics want to convince us to buy or what everyone else is wearing... and I've gotten some of my fav Fashions gleaning the Thrift Stores, Auctions & Flea Markets... creating a look out of castoffs and orphaned pieces is creatively stimulating to me.  I adore Vintage Fashions & Bags as much as I do those of my favorite Designers.  There are certain Styles from various Eras that I'm partial to, but I'm not beyond mixing & matching Eras and Styles to suit my own tastes and sensibilities.  I've never just worn one particular Designer at the exclusion of all others, no matter how much I enjoy their look and Creations... to me variety is the Spice Of Life and there are just too many fabulously talented Artists & Designers to just wear the look of any one of them exclusively.  I don't want to be converted to one Designer's aesthetic, I prefer to have my own and not be unduly influenced by an individual or brand.  I evolve constantly with what I'm passionate about from one Season to the next anyway, I'm fickle like that when it comes to Fashion... *Winks* I'm subject to change without notice as to how I feel and dress on any given day.  Good Fashion should make you feel good, that's the point... why dress in anything you don't absolutely adore and feel good in!?!   

And that is why I enjoy frolicking at one of my favorite Boutiques that has a wealth of fabulous Fashions by many of my favorite Artists and Designers, FRILLY FROCKS.  Even if my budget doesn't allow me the indulgence of coming away with a piece on each visit, I'm always inspired by the wonderful Styling and Creations abounding in the Shop... and Leslie, Angela and the other Shop Gals are Dear Friends and talented beyond words... though they are so humble about it.  Every visit I'm excited to see which Designer's fab Creations they'll be showing me next?!?  On my most recent visit I was Wowed by the Creations of PETRUSHKA! *Heavy Swoon*   Check out me Modeling the beyond fabulous PETRUSHKA hand dyed Silk & Organza Shawl... OMG, I didn't wanna take it off... oh yeah, that's JUST my Style and I felt positively radiant and divine wearing it! *Contented Sigh*  This is definitely a piece I'd save madly to add to my wardrobe... a timeless 'go to' piece that would add panache to anything  you wore under it, even a simple Tee & slacks, bloomers or skirts of ANY kind!  And since its a one-size-fits-all, you can't go wrong keeping this as a staple in your wardrobe... which is exactly my kinda piece!

Where will we find YOU frolicking for fabulous Fashions and Accessories my Friends?
Thanks for coming along on a frolick with me... we'll have to do this again soon... *Winks* 

And please join us over at FAITH, GRACE & CRAFTS Blog Party for PEARLS & LACE THURSDAY!
Dawn... The Bohemian

*All the delightful Fashions and Accessories shown can be found at FRILLY FROCKS in the 7th Avenue Melrose District of Downtown Phoenix*


  1. Dawn
    You look adorable and I am drooling at the screen looking at all of those beauties. (swoon)

    My love to you my friend

  2. Oh I love what you love too.I have a friend who can make these things and has said she is coming to visit one day and will show me.We had a shop here with similar things but super expensive Id rather make my own.
    I hate chain store clothes give me opshops or OOAK shops anytime.
    Oh and Id love to see your cherub bedcover and I still prefer your new one to mine lol.Fingers crossed I shall find one the same eventually.

  3. You look stunning, Dawn, in all of your Bohemian-ness!! And I spotted some Magnolia Pearl pretties, which I adore.

    Thank you for your sweet visit :) And it was nice visiting you today!



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