Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Falling Hard For Fabric Pumpkins

As I've been sitting here with my Feelings and moving through that ikky barrier... I've contemplated what things always make me Smile & just plain feel good.  I've been an incurable Collector, Scavenger of Found Treasures and Rescuer of cool things others have discarded or overlooked, from as far back as I can remember... different things during different Seasons of Life... but a Pattern I definitely acknowledge and have a track record of.  If something is visually appealing to me on any level, it could end up being a Collection until I tire of it... IF I tire of it... some Collections have abided, some have been fleeting & a Joy for their Season & Reason.  But it has all brought me an intense pleasure & Joy in the doing of it, as if something I was born to do & has Purpose in some mystical, strange way that I don't even understand?  Those of you with the same proclivity probably understand better than most the urge to connect to certain things?!

Most Collections start out with ONE... and you never really know what could or will develope into a Collection... something you keep getting more of because you fall hard for or are moved by whatever it is.  I should know by now that anything that involves sumptuous Fabrics could and probably will build into a Collection for me eventually. *Winks*  I'm doomed after I get One of it and then have the insatiable urge to obtain more because just One will never do! *LOL*  I've been Collecting Fabric and making Art out of it for years now and yet there are always those Fabric items that I don't seem to have the time to Create myself and so I end up purchasing them instead.  I'm drawn to attractive objects made of Beautiful Fabrics... like Pillows, Bags, Accessories & Fashions.  But who knew I'd end up falling so hard for Fabric Pumpkins?!? *Smiles*

I remember bringing the 1st One Home only last year, a Velvet Pumpkin in a Lovely Tye-Dyed Autumn Hue.  My Old Cat Rat Boy {RIP} seemed as infatuated with the Velvet Pumpkin as I was, she sniffed, sat, laid by, guarded and slept beside it as if it were her Kitten! *LOL*  And it wasn't long before I was aching to add to the 1st one... so after the Season was over and they went ON SALE... well, those are the two Magic Words aren't they? *Winks* You can ALWAYS Justify a SALE Purchase... and at 50% off I could get twice as many, right?!?!? *LOL*  Thankfully, though they had been a Hot, extremely Popular Seasonal Item and flying off the shelves before and during the Holidays, there were a few left & marked down after the Holidays, I was ecstatic & immediately scooped them up! 
And so it began... my Love Affair with the Fabric Pumpkin... Velvet at first... but now some of the other lucious Fabrics are appealing to me as well... and slowly but surely I'm building my Collection so that eventually I shall have a stunning Fabric Pumpkin Patch at this Ole' House!  And thankfully some of my favorite Shops & Booths always carry an amazing array and selection of my coveted new Collectible so that I can be inspired and delighted by the images of the different sizes, Fabrics and Styles they come in... and share them with you here in the Land Of Blog.

And what's with the stuffed Goose you might be thinking? Well, absolutely nothing to do with the Topic of the day obviously... but she sure was cute & Fashionably dressed, wasn't she? *Winks*  She caught my eye at one of my fav Shops FOR THE LOVE OF OLD, where my Friend Pauline has an amazing Booth and you can find loads of Vintage Treasures throughout the Shop since Proprietors Giselle & Roman have an eye for great finds & Artful display... AND they're having a Storewide Sale through October 1st!!! 

And I'm thinking to myself... if I were to have an ideal Centerpiece for a Velvet & Fabric Pumpkin Patch... she could fit the bill *Smiles*... even though mostly & generally I'm not a big fan of Taxidermy decor in my home, and it is doubtful I'd end up Collecting Stuffed Geese *LOL*... I like the appearance of Attitude she has.  And she made me Smile...

And be sure to come on over to the Blog Party at FAITH, GRACE & CRAFTS... because nothing quite cheers like a good Party of showing off Pearls, Lace & other Glam! *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian

*Images Photographed at our Home... FOR THE LOVE OF OLD, RUST & ROSES or COTTAGE GARDENS*


  1. Hi Dawn !! Love the fabric pumpkins. I hope all is well with you. Have a fun and creative week ...Chickie

  2. The goose and kitty are the most beautiful to me, though I love all the old things.

  3. Wonderful pictures...I LOVE the velvet pumpkin in the second pic... Gorgeous!!

    I am re-discovering velvet lately...a very Bohemian fabric...

  4. Good morning Dawn.....Love the goose.....LOVE the punkins'......not into taxidermy....hugh.....I'll bet you sweet soul mate is eternally grateful for that!! LOL LOL LOL



  5. Hi Dawn!
    I love those pumpkins too! There's just something sooo appealing about them.
    And of course I love the goose. I actually have one, and I have to say I've never even thought about glamming up my goose *winks* but that goosie is adorable! I think I'm going to have all kinds of fun with this. I could title my blog post gooselusions of grandeur" Lol! Vanna

  6. DAwn

    did ya know you won over aT pearls & lace blog ???

    lucky you winning those great things I just read

  7. I forgot to mention I love those velvet pumpkins and I have NOT seen a one in my area

    Maybe on my trip south I will find some


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