Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Beautiful Brand New Princess...

Let me introduce you to the newest member of the Family my Friends... a Beautiful brand new Princess... Born 9-9-11 ... 6 lbs. 2 oz. ... 19 inches long...

Princess A.B. ... Fresh from The Father!!!

My Niece's brand new Beautiful Baby Girl... who arrived by C-Section just after Great-Aunt Dawn arrived at the Hospital, what impeccable timing!!! *Winks*

Here she is saying Hi to Daddy...

And to Nanna Kathie...

Babies are such a precious Gift from God...

And we Celebrate our brand new Beautiful Princess's arrival with Joy and Thanksgiving...

And naturally LOTS of Photos... *Winks*

From every conceivable angle...

And now we introduce her to YOU my Friends!  Another Bohemian Diva in the making...

As Princess T is already Coaching her on the ways of being a Boheme' Princess that everyone will adore, spoil and cater to!  She immediately set about having new Princess A.B.'s Daddy set up the Bohemian Princess Tent in the Bedroom! *Winks* 

AND help her decorate it!!! *LOL*  Now... only Diva Princess's have the ability to demand that tough G.I. Daddies, Uncles, and Grandpas do such things as gladly build AND help decorate Pink Bohemian Princess Tents!!! *Smiles*

 And they don't mind one bit...

As the Young Princes stand in awe of what a Diva Princess can get accomplished on a whim! *Winks*  

She is of coarse the formidable Beast Princess they remind themselves, so who would dare to defy her?!? *LOL*

And a Handsome Young Prince has his charming ways of getting exactly what he wants as well you know! *Winks*

Or it's "Off with their heads!!!" *LOL*

Yes, with all these Precious Princes and Princesses I'm afraid it's a Life of years of Servitude for the rest of us...

But it's Priceless Service... with great Reward...

And absolutely NOTHING compares...

Proud Gramma and Great-Aunt Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congrats! That is awesome. There is nothing like the emotion of greeting a new family member.

  2. "fresh from the Father"......what a lovely way to put it.
    Congratulations to you all!!

  3. Congratulation, and welcome to this new small Princess, that the life gives him many enjoyments!
    Big kisses in all these youngs, (and big)!

    Happy day

  4. Oh Dawn you have a beautiful family. You are a lucky lady.



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