Monday, September 5, 2011

Attempting Romantic Dream Images... Shabby Chic Garden Style

Source: Melzinha1234.tumblr via PINTEREST 

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Source: Desde My Ventana Blog via PINTEREST

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Source: Beautiful Portals via PINTEREST

Source: Beautiful Portals via PINTEREST

Source: Beautiful Portals via PINTEREST

Even though I can't manage to live with a predominantly White palette on the interior of our Home because Color saturates my World... plus in consideration of The Man & Crew, who don't feel as comfortable if its too ultra Feminine... which I can appreciate since I wouldn't have a comfort level living in a Man Cave... I would imagine that I could pull it off in an exterior Garden Style Room.  The Romance of a Shabby Chic inspired Garden Style Room really appeals to me.  It's fresh, inviting and airy.  Whether an exterior Tub Room, Kitchen, Porch Bedroom, Gazebo, Pottager, Conservatory or Alfresco Dining Area I could go predominantly White or over the top Romantic in those types of spaces.

So today I spent far too much time again surfing PINTEREST for ideal Dream Images of that special genre that evokes a Shabby Chic Garden Style of Romance for me. *Winks*   But I discovered that a lil bit of Boheme' kept creeping in to this Visual Fantasy! 


Well, that's an understatement, often a big hefty dose of Bold Boheme' would make me forget all about Whites and Pastels!!! *LOL*  Those images with a pop of Color & a more Gypsy Styling I couldn't ignore, couldn't pass on, couldn't discount.  I just can't help it... it's just more "Me" and I suppose I'd still end up blending both Styles even in an attempt to go a lil more Shabby Chic to capture the essence of those amazing images that do drawn me in and have me consider an alternative to my Natural inclination to go bold and exotic. *Smiles*  But it is fun to imagine a change and appreciate something different than your usual Style isn't it?
What Styles drawn YOU in and have you consider an alternative to your Natural Styling inclinations, even if only on the canvas of your imagination my Friends?  Have you tried it?  Have you transformed your Nest in a totally different way than your usual?  Or like me have you failed to maintain it because though it is absolutely Lovely in every respect... it just wasn't YOU?  And yet, the images do continue to seduce you, to lure you in... and make you wonder if you should perhaps try it again... somewhere that fits in your World... if only just a Nook...
Because after all, you can always change it if it doesn't work out for you... and that's the Beauty of Styling... it's subject to change without notice... and the possibilities, well, they're truly endless...

Dawn... The Bohemian 

*DISCLAIMER: All lovely images were gleened via PINTEREST & if I've failed to identify the actual Origin and Photographer... and it is you or you know who it is, please let me know so that I can give credit where due on your amazing cyberspace shared Photography!*


  1. Hello Dawn thanks for dropping in.I actually have a rather wonderul mad hatter hat I made last year for my eldest grandaughter I shall share it soon.Those boxes are so beautiful I hope you find the last one to make a set.Your above pictures are lovely I too am a gyspy colour loving type as well.

  2. These images are so beautiful!

  3. Realmente hermoso,maravilloso rincón para perderse.Gracias por compartir tanta BELLEZA.

  4. How refreshing! especially as I struggle with my dying yard in this endless summer of 110 degree heat. Its good to know that
    "Somewhere over the rainbow
    Skies are blue,
    And the dreams that you dare to dream
    Really do come true."
    Thanks !!

  5. Thank you Dawn, the pictures are beautiful! I too, love these images and I'm so attracted to this style, but can't maintain it! Especially in my garden where I love color!
    Talk to you soon, kathee

  6. lovely spaces. thank you for sharing. hugs

  7. Wow, wunderfull pictures. Now I'm inspired all day. Thanks!

    Have a nice day, Sylvia


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