Friday, September 23, 2011

2nd Amazing Junquing Score - Tribal Gown!

Some Treasures just find YOU... and this was the case for my 2nd amazing Junquing Score - a Tribal Gown!!!

The BFF, Tina, her Mom, Anita, and I are out Junquing and hitting the Thrift Stores...

I'm not looking for anything in particular, but the Gals have known me almost all of my Adult Life, so they know my taste in Found Treasures... and most especially my Passion for Exotic Fabrics & Styles...

We're already at the checkout when Anita mossies over to the Halloween Costume racks close by...

And calls out to me...

"Hey Dawn, this looks like something you'd like..." Which was an understatement of epic proportions it turns out!!! *Winks*

My Heart literally stands still my Friends... because she's not holding up some cheesy fake Halloween Costume... oh, no...

She's holding up what looks to me like an authentic Tribal Gown... possibly a Wedding or Ceremonial Gown!!!???

What instantly comes to mind is that this could be a Wedding or Ceremonial Gown from Southeast Asia???

And the Hmong Tribe comes to MY mind!?!?!???  No proof, just an instinctive Guess...

"It's HEAVY!" she says...  and heavy in fabrics usually = expensive. *Smiles*

And the Hand-Made Details on this piece are simply beyond MAGNIFICENT!!!

My Dad's Tribe does a lot of beadwork and I know how labor intensive such an Art Form is... and the beadwork on this piece is exquisite and extensive!!!  There is a beaded Breastplate, beaded Shoulder pads, beaded dangling Accessories, beaded Fringe on Arms & Hemline!!!

And exquisite Heavy Ornate Gold Embroidery everywhere!!!

There are also hundreds of Mirrors adorning this piece... reflecting Light like hundreds of Jewels!!!

And the Silk Fabric is covered in a beautiful Golden Thread Design.

And it also has an amazing Beaded Medallion in the Center of the Breastplate.

And Heavy is an understatement... this piece weighs a LOT... it would be a workout just wearing such an amazing Gown and especially for someone of diminutive size like this is designed for.  But what a "Score" and I couldn't be more delighted!  And even more amazingly it only cost me just over $30!!!

And since I'm not positive about the Origin of the piece I'm Hoping someone in the Land Of Blog might have more expertise and information about it in case my initial instincts were incorrect?  I do know the Hmong are amazing Fabric Artisans & the Styling looks to me like it could possibly be from that Tribe?  The Man spent a few years in Southeast Asia & had the privilege of knowing & living with some Hmong Tribes, but he doesn't remember the Mirrors being a part of the Tribal Dress of the particular Tribes he met... so we're trying to identify exact origin if possible?

 Since so many other Tribes and Cultures still do magnificent labor intensive Fabric Art & gorgeous Styling... so whaddya think my Friends?  I'd Love some feedback and opinions... or facts...

All I DO know for SURE is that I absolutely ADORE this Magnificent Gown & was thrilled to add it to my Collection of Wearable Art!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dear,
    I love this post, you know in some of our regions,villager women wear dresses like this..very heavy, embellished with many materials..i love the work & nice designs..
    thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Thanks for the input Khadija, The Man was probably more on target than me then... he thought this looked like it could be from Pakistan or India rather than a Hmong Gown!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I so would have had heart rapture if I had seen that too.Love it and well done on the find.

  4. Wow!!! What a great find and rescue!!

  5. This is one of the most beautiful gown I have ever seen. I too, can see the time, skill, and patience involved.

    Meaningful memorable art to clothe the body and spirit.


  6. The tribal dress is spectacular. I appreciate how you managed to take photos of all the details.


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