Monday, August 1, 2011

What Do You Do When It's Painful To...???

Ahhhhhh, it's good to be back in the Land Of Blog!  My Bro', BFF & I spent the weekend packing Mom up & moving her out to Cali... OMG, what a workout!!! *Still panting*  As two Grammas & my disabled Bro' packed up an entire household & shoved it in a U-Haul in less than 48 hours flat!!!  And a mini Drama in the making since the stress & anxiety put Dear Ole' Mom in the ER again on the last evening before heading out!!!!!!! *Insert nail biting & intense Prayer... and a scrambling for a Plan B just in case*... Which was a close call & caused major stress & anxiety for the Bro' & I too, not to mention NO much needed rest or sleep since we rolled out of the Hospital at 2:00 AM & had to have everything completed by 9:00 AM... I seriously felt like I might be risking a Stroke myself for pushing so hard in the heat, humidity, with such hard work & a tight deadline... but we got er done & saw her off this Morning & I know she's gonna Love it there & be so much better off... *Whew*  So, now to today's Post Story...

I'll start with a confessional disclaimer... I've never been much of a domestic goddess in the first place even before arthritic joints compounded the problem... *LOL*

So... what do you do when it's painful to ______________???  You fill in the blank with whatever housework chore the natural progression of aging then makes it even more difficult to accomplish because it becomes downright painful!?!  Transcending even laziness and a very laid back approach to housework... *Winks*

For me it's mopping floors... *insert Distasteful Groan*

I think I bought every self-wringing modern appliance to replace the old fashioned mop that needed to be hand wrung... to no avail... still painful & a process I abhored... and my floors were tragic & a source of shame, so what to do?

Well... my creative solution to said problem was... go on Found Treasure Hunts for more cheap Antique Persian Rugs!!! *Smiles*

A challenge I was definitely up to even though the words "cheap" and "Antique Persian Rugs" mostly and generally are polar opposites & quite contradictory! *LOL*

But I knew they'd be the PERFECT solution... because...

I not only ADORE them... but they wear exceptionally well... were designed with Desert Climates & challenges in mind... look fantastic no matter how worn & abused ... um, I mean 'used' by the Crew here at the ole Homestead... totally lend themselves to the Bohemian's Spirited decorating sensibilities... are a great investment... and Hopefully are a delightful enough visual distraction to Guests who might otherwise notice disgustingly unmopped areas of the Desert Palace floors... *Winks*

So, I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for an Antique Persian Rug "Deal"... ALWAYS...

And look what I 'scored' for the back kitchen for only $29 my Friends... yep, only twenty-nine bucks!   A very large Antique Persian Rug in fabulous Colors & Design that is the perfect size for said Kitchen... and as soft as Silk underfoot!  *Happy Dance of epic proportions!*

And as I fumbled through my lunch money in various change purses I use to deflect & con the G-Kids into thinking Gramma only has a few bucks in ONE so they don't drain me of all my Cash Stash *winks*... to dredge up said $29, since the Debit Machine wasn't up & running yet... the sweet Owner was willing to let me have it for whatever I managed to come up with... but I was relieved when I could scavenge the entire $29 from my lunch money stash, because hey, what a Price & I wouldn't have felt right not giving the whole amount.

 And I felt obliged to tell this young Man why I have so many darn change purses lest he think he was dealing with Crazy Change Purse Hoarding Woman?!?!?! *LOL*  Well, maybe he still thinks he was, I dunno...

This was in fact my 1st visit to delightful new Shop in the 7th Ave Melrose District that I shall have to profile in another Post when I remember to photograph it & the charming & interesting Proprietor on my next visit. 

Oh, yeah, there WILL be a next visit to this great new place I recently discovered.  The young Guy who owns the Shop is a Treasure himself & it was good to get to know him & talk about our mutual Passion for Treasure Hunting, Scavenging & Vintage Finds.  He's from Great Britain & has amazing Tattoos and a Lime Green Mohawk, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he isn't also an Artist as well as a Hunter of great Found Treasures for his Shop.  There are vinyl records decorating the ceiling, a Vintage Fridge holding refreshments near the register & an old Jukebox blasting great music as you Shop... what's not to like!? 

 So I can't keep this place a closely guarded Secret... and I promise to take pixs next time I'm at MAD MAXX'S TRASH TO TREASURE... I had to actually drive by it again days later to even remember the name of where I WAS!  *Gasp"  Yep, I forgot the name of the Shop after my rug purchase... you know how when you get so excited you don't even know where you are & totally space out during your adrenalin Rush?!?!?!?  Okay, maybe that's just me... I honestly think I was slightly delirious from my fab Rug 'Score'!?! *LOL*  Shouldda seen me hawking it out rolled up over my shoulder like some Persian Tomb Raider!!! *Smiles*  

The G-Kids Love that Gramma is slowly layering all the floors with Persian Beauties... and Princess T struck a Pose modeling on my latest "Score"  with her latest "Scores"... a Care Bear Nightie that has the exact Care Bear that she got for Christmas from the Salvation Army in appreciation for Gramma's Bell Ringing gig this past Season...

She's quite the Diva when it comes to matching ensembles with accessories... *Winks*  And a Dollar for the Nightie... "Score"...

And the totally wee Bohemian 60's inspired Hippie Tie-Dye Dress with Bling Peace Sign... $4.99

And a brand new Ed Hardy Christian Audigier Backpack to start Kindergarten for $6.99...
"Score"... we 'Heart' our Ed Hardy & Christian Audigier graphics & are all over them when we scavenge them at the Thrifts... but then you knew we would, right? *Winks*

And now that I've seen my pixs laid out in a Post I realize that though the fab new Antique Persian is hiding a multitude of sins... I still better get around to finding a new "hiding place" for that Hoard of Vintage Saltillo Tiles I'm collecting & we're yet to install somewhere *Smiles*... and sprucing up that still shameful floor parameter huh? Darn...
*Le Sigh & a Wink*

Dawn... The Bohemian... Antique Persian Rug Hunter & Floor Neglector Extraordinaire *Smiles*


  1. That really was quite a deal. I need one for our eating area. The one under our table is just a tad smaller than I'd like. I don't expect to find one for that price. Certainly never a genuine Persian!

    What a great idea - the multiple coin purses :)

    And so glad to hear your mother is safely on her way.

  2. wowza!! 29 bucks?? what a great find...sounds like a cool store. house cleaning? what is that?

  3. Teeeheee!

    I LOVE THAT CABINET! And your little one is wearing my favorite colour on your header! THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY LAST NIGHT! Anita

  4. Oh Ms. B. I am with you, cover the floor up. Run the sweeper, once a year, weather it is need or not. I just wanted to say the biggest, THANK YOU!!!!, that I can, and that is not big enough. You have been so generous. I am almost ashamed to take the beautiful gift that came to me in the mail. The magazine I sent you was hardly worth all these wonderful presents. First of all, I did a shout out to you on my latest blog post. Second, Sissy loves here treats. Third, I love the glass egg and the whole package was a delight to get, open and find what was inside. YOU ARE THE DEAREST, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO DO WITH YOU, BUT, I PROMISE I WILL GET YA BACK. THANKS SO MUCH MY SWEET, DEAR BLOG FRIEND. I am so worried about you mother and you all, what a bad thing to have to go through. may God's blessings fall upon you in this hard and stressful journey. Again THANK YOU and I LOVE MY GOODIES! Richard from My Old Historic House

  5. Gorgeous rug, what a great find! We've got rugs downstairs since my father decided to do away with the carpets...then realiesd the house got cold without anything on the floor! They weren't as much of a bargain price as yours though!

    I am seriously envying Princess T's nightie and toy....yes I might be a good 20 years 'too old' for Care Bears, but they are so cute and the cartoons always communicated positive messages! Ahh, 80's nostalgia!
    As for chores, I guess I'm 'too young' to get pains when I do them (other than mental pain, hehe) but I can't stand anything to do with cleaning the shower! But I found that using an exfoliating glove works a dream on the walls!


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