Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rust & Roses... More Eye Candy

If like me you enjoy overdosing on Eye Candy, then lets continue with our tour of the Grand Re-Opening of RUST & ROSES shall we?

As the Queen of Excess in all things I tend to go berserk when capturing images through the eye of my lens too... in my defense, I've always heard peeps lament that they never took enough photos, but I've never really heard complaints that they took too many... so I'm of the latter camp.  I'd rather take too many, than not enough and wish I had.  And with the amazing new technology available in Photography, why not, its way less expensive than it used ta be!  For a mere ten to twelve bucks I can purchase a Photo Card that holds massive amounts of digital images and I can delete any mistakes and only print out the select few I desire... saving the rest for such things as sharing via the Internet and Blog Fodder... its a new Hobby & Art Form I'm thoroughly enjoying to the max!  And my Mantra of coarse is more is never enough... NEVER!  *Winks* 

When it comes to vignettes I'm enamored with those done beautifully... Styling is an Art Form that some have an amazing Gift for and I enjoy their efforts so much that it seems a shame that quite often it's never captured for future enjoyment and to allow those who couldn't see it in person to experience the Eye Candy Delight that it is!  Vignettes are after all meant to change constantly... and in the Retail Industry a beautifully mastered vignette only lasts however long it takes us consumers and admirers to strip it bare! *Winks*  Thats the point after all of the Biz Vignette... and yet I know so many Shop Owners that work tirelessly creating them, never to have the luxury of enjoying or photographing their Masterpieces!  Preserving those images, for me anyway, is a Joy... because I thoroughly enjoyed and was inspired by them in person and continue to enjoy and be inspired by them each time I behold a captured image.

I'm an avid Book addict... alas, not every Masterful Vignette Maker and Decorator has the good fortune to be profiled in a Book or Magazine of those genre's that would showcase their talents and they truly are Artists in their own right worthy of recognition... so I'm "Collecting" images of their work and creations when I'm delighted and inspired by it.  And by those items that I couldn't purchase, but want to remember and enjoy again and again even though I didn't get to take it all Home... because where ever would I put it all?!?! *LOL*

And to those amazing Stylists I've photographed the work and creations of, I Thank You for transporting me to a Magical place on the canvas of my imagination each time I visit...
feel free to take back with you whatever images you wanted for your own Collective Remembrances, Advertisement and Posts, it was a pleasure Photographing it and even more of a pleasure Sharing it... your hard work and Gift is appreciated and enjoyed by so many... and is truly a Gift to us!

And I'll be joining Doni's Blog Party at FAITH, GRACE & CRAFTS for Pearls & Lace Thursday... Bohemian Lace for me of coarse! *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I've got to plan a trip down there this winter so you can give me a tour of all these great, love, love this one! ~Joyce


  2. Lovely shop! So many wonderful finds! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  3. Oh Dawn,
    I want I want I want! OMG such wonderful chandys and furniture and the little tug behind trailer ( what I call them ) is the greatest. I have been lusting for one too. When you get yours come on over the Pa. for a visit. It will be a sweet cross country drive for you.
    Lucky you for having such wonderful shops in your area.

    Make it a great weekend,
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. Perfect name and perfect place! There must be a shared string of DNA that makes many of us adore chippy paint, tattered clothing and salvage stores.

    Looks with *lust* at the daybed with canopy!

  5. Love it all!! I want too much! That pink shabby panel sticks in my brain! Thank you for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday...always love visiting you here!!


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