Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Sweet Salvage Midsummer Night's Dream

I thought I'd treat you to another Post of more SWEET SALVAGE "Midsummer Night's Dream"...
You know how Dreams are always larger than life?
Well, that's how I like visuals to be and these Gals certainly delivered.
The Vignettes and variety of product was indeed larger than life.
The Styling covered many spectrums of what your Midsummer Night's Dream might be depending on your particular aesthetic, sensibilities and Style.
So there was tons of inspiration to draw upon.  There were Styles that I hadn't considered that now intrigue me and I might incorporate in some of my own interior or exterior decor creations at Home. Then there were those that I have adored for a Lifetime and so discovering added Treasures to add to my favorite Style was a delight as well. 
And then of coarse there were those Styles that though I might never gravitate towards them or feel entirely comfortable with my own Nest resembling, I still thoroughly enjoyed seeing in all their Glory.
When done right almost any Style can be quite appealing to behold, even if it's not your 'thing'.
I Hope in joining me for this Midsummer Night's Dream at SWEET SALVAGE Grand Opening you too have delighted your eyes, been inspired and will continue to Dream...

Have a larger than Life vision my Friends... Dream Big... and resolve to make it your Reality...
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh my heavens Dawn, this is wonderful. I wish I could go there. Many beautiful items that who would not love to have and enjoy in our homes. Lucky you that you were there especially for Grand Opening. Thanks for the tour...Lu

  2. Hi Dawn,
    You lucky duck, oh how I wish I'd been there! So many lovely items I would have loved to make my own! This is the kind of jam packed store that I love, where something fabulous is everywhere you turn! Thanks so much for taking us along. Tell us what you bought, I'd love to know!


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