Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

I LOVE Goodwill Hunting...  because I'm such a Scavenger, if I can't get it for Free, this is the next best thing because you never know what will turn up at a Thrift Shop, so it's a Junquer's Paradise! I can almost always find great Found Treasures at the local Goodwill Stores around the Valley and it's a Charity that I also enjoy donating to on a regular basis when I'm ready to release some of my Treasures to pass along for someone else to enjoy and support the Organization.  Sometimes I'm amazed at what people get rid of, but likely someone out there is saying the same thing about the crap, um, I mean discarded and donated Treasures that I've released. *Winks*  It is so true that what is one Gal's junk is another Gal's Treasure.

At times its as if the Goodwill Hunting Fairy has arrived just before I do to line me up with the PERFECT Finds for my aesthetic and 'want' or 'need' list!  Today was one of those special days where two needs were met so specifically it was far more than mere coincidence... I needed a new pair of my fav Okabashi Sandals but hadn't ordered them online yet... well... Goodwill had a brand new pair in my size, and Gold Color (perfect)... for only $3.99!!! *Whoo hoo!*  And I needed one of those thick fluffy Terrycloth wrap around Towel Dresses with a Pocket for the Gym... found it for $4!

And the 'want' list, well... just look at all the 99 cent each Treasures I scored my Friends!!!  Seven of the cutest Altered Art Steampunk Style Pins and two pair of earrings to match them... and a Vintage Rosary!!! *Happy Dance*  I just love the funky detailing on these adorable Creations and for a mere 99 cents each... cha-ching!!!  Watch Parts, Coins, tiny Padlocks, Musical Notes, Cherubs, Seed Pearls, Filigree, Hearts, Winged Nymphs, Seashells, Fish, tiny Bells, dangling Chain... oh my, they have it ALL!!! *Swooning...*  My Heart fairly skipped a beat when I spied them and quickly gathered them all up! *Smiles*  

Three of the Pins are identical and I shall cluster them on a Scala Straw Cowboy Hat Band to give it my signature Boheme' Styling touch... Okay, I confess, I just like attaching things to Hats in general, whether it's Stylish or not! *Winks*  And the rest I'll wear or use on some Bohemian Treasure Creations.  Yes... this was definitely a Fantastic Goodwill Hunting Day my Friends!

And please join us for the Blog Party over at Kathleen's FADED CHARM for WHITE WEDNESDAY... since Mannequin Yashyme was wearing some Bohemian Whites I figure she qualified... thats about as White as it gets around here. *Winks*  But so many other Bloggers are sharing their fabulous Whites so you're really going to want to check it out!

And don't forget the fab Give-Away over at Courtney's FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE for the new Book PATINA STYLE by Brooke & Steve Giannetti, Brooke has the Blog VELVET & LINEN ... so be sure to stop by both Gal's Blogs and see a glimpse of their Worlds.

And there's plenty of Blog Parties abounding so hop on over and join the Blog Party over at Michele's Blog {PRIMP}  for {PRIMP} YOUR STUFF WEDNESDAY...

primp\ `primp\vb : to dress in a careful or finicky manner (one room at a time)

So, if you've {Primped} anything lately... join us!!!
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, thanks so much for stopping by. I've been checking out your great blog! It's nice to know others in Phoenix love what we love, right?

    Maybe I'll see you at Sweet Salvage, OMG, I had no idea that store was open. I'm so going this weekend. Shhhh....don't tell the man. :)

  2. Dawn you scored some mighty fine loot! yee haw!!! Now you've got me chompoing at the bit to head for the Goodwill....So I'm gonna giddy up and go...Thanks to you *winks*...Sorry something about this post just brought out the cowgirl in me! *winks* Vanna

  3. Dawn,
    What pretty treasures you found...I don't ever find anything like that at our thrift stores:)

  4. Wow! Very fun, good for you! Celeste, The Victorian Tailor

  5. I am regular in the Goodwill stores myself. Am going to start looking at the jewelry a little more closely since I want to make some funky necklaces to add to my collectibles booth. One just never knows what one will find in there! I have been on a major closet clean out and always donate to them.

    Love "Goodwill Hunting"!! Mind if I borrow that phrase and give you the credit for it when I blog my Goodwill treasures?


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