Monday, August 29, 2011

Autumn Vibes At Cottage Gardens

When The Man told me it had gotten to 117 humid degrees on the day I was running around like a sweaty hot mess spending my Catlin Cash I didn't feel quite so much like a big baby for whining about the heat! *Whew*

Even for us Seasoned Desert Dwellers that's mighty HOT... and the high humidity didn't make it our usual tongue-in-cheek cliche', "But it's a Dry Heat..." kinda day either! *LOL*

But I must say that the Lovely Autumn Vibes at the COTTAGE GARDENS Shops was helping to get my mind off how hot it was so late in the Summer.

I'm enjoying all the Fall Vignettes and products getting us ready and in the Spirit for the whirlwind Holiday Seasons between Halloween and New Year's... which are my fav Holidays!

The Shop Gals Meilan and Monica had done a fantastic job of transforming a HOT Arizona Summer Day into an Autumn Vision at both Shops.

From the Porch at Shop #1...

To the Porch at Shop #2...

And Pumpkin Patches of lovely Stylish Fabric & Velvet Pumpkins everywhere...

Even approaching the record breaking heat that Morning it was a visually cooling and refreshing Vision to behold...

There were Mercury Glass Pumpkins...

And Autumn inspired Chandies...

And piles of these amazing Pumpkins... of such a variety of fabulous Fabrics and sizes!

So step up on the Porch and come along with me as we take the Grand Tour shall we?

And be transported to the approaching Seasons we Love so much...

And you pick out your Pumpkins and I'll pick out mine...

And while we're imagining all the Lovely Vignettes we'd make to transform our Nests into an Autumn Vision... perhaps we'll pick out a few other Treasures as well shall we? *Winks*  Hey, we're imagining so there's no limitations on the canvas of our imaginations!!! *Smiles*

And you pick out your fancy Witch Hat... for a Mad Hatter Halloween Tea Party...

And I'll pick out one for G-Baby Princess T...

And me... as you can tell this Hat was mezmerizing me... *Winks*

And lets load up with even more Pumpkins...

And MORE...

Are your arms & Vision sufficiently full yet?  No... good...

Because I spy MORE on top of the shelves that I'm adoring... *Winks*

And OMG grab that Hat!!! 

PERFECT for a Mad Hatter Halloween Tea Party THAT Hat is!!!  I could envison Johnny Depp himself in THAT Hat... while we're imagining lets add the adorable Mr. Depp to the Guest List shall we? *Winks*

Well, we've got an abundance of Magic Potions to make any Dream come true!!!  So it could happen! *Winks*

And in the hazy blur brought on by Magical Potion Tea and sumptuous Pumpkins piled high our Setting will be simply Enchanting!

Okay, you can stop sipping that Magical Potion Tea now... I think you've had enough!? *Winks*

Okay, alright then, maybe we'll have one more cup!?! *Hickup & a Giggle*

And do you want to know why we were drinking so much Magical Tea for those last few Photos?  Because they were out of focus... but I Loved the Pumpkin images so much I needed an excuse to Photoshop them in a Magical Induced Haze to make 'em presentable for sharing! *LOL* Tricky Bohemian Mad Hatter Witch Host that I am!!! *Smiles*

But you didn't mind did you?  Because who doesn't enjoy sipping Magical Tea on the Porch at a Mad Hatter Halloween Tea Party?!?

Whilst waiting upon the Fabulous Johnny to arrive! *Winks*

Oh, and Shopping for Lovely Treasures too at the COTTAGE GARDENS 1 & 2 Shops!

I Hope you're having as much Fun as I am on the canvas of  your imagination? 

And do you think you have any more room in your arms and Vision for just a few MORE Pumpkins?  Sorry... but I've seen a few more that I don't think I can live without... *Winks*

Well now, you knew that when you were coming with ME that MORE is NEVER enough... NEVER!!! *LOL*

And how much Fun and Imagining IS enough anyway?  Exactly...

So, grab an extra Hat... because we'll most definitely have to do this again sometime...

And we'll blame any of our craziness and excess on the Heat... *winks* 

 Well.. it works for me!!! *Insert Evil Mad Hatter Bohemian Witch Cackle*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I would love to shop there, I especially love those hats and pumpkins! Did you make the witches hats?


  2. Love your pics and seeing what you are up to!! You always have such an interesting journey for us!!!

  3. No question about it! The "Taste of Autumn" made it very hard to imagine the actual temperatures you encountered!

    Now to think where I stashed OUR autumn beauty...Me? I decorate to embrace both the Halloween season and thanksgiving at once. No black hats and spiders and skulls here....But how I would like to have one or two of those velvet pumpkins!!!

  4. Love that skull in the cloche! That rocks!

  5. Love all the eye candy Dawn! And both the witch's hat and the black top hat are calling to me *winks*...Ummm could you get me another cuppa that tea? Lol! Hopefully it's magically cooling too because girlfriend that is HOT!! Fryin' eggs on the sidewalk HOT!! Are you sure that blurring wasn't from plain ole steam? *winks* We've been in the 80's for the last few days (I'm not complaining!) and I think that's plenty hot for around here! Vanna

  6. Dawn,

    I love that feather witch hat too and all of the pumpkins. I'm your new follower..would love to have you follow along with me too. ♥

    Stephanie Suzanne ♥


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