Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome Distraction Of Bohemian Dreams

Source: Babylon Sisters

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Source: Jeanne Bayol

Source: Jeanne Bayol

Source: Babylon Sisters

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Source: Magnolia Pearl

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Don't wake me... I'm dreaming Bohemian Dreams...

Daydreams and losing myself in the Land Of Blog can be a very welcome distraction during times of Stress and Crisis... now is such a time...

Our Mom was rushed into the ICU the Morning after her Birthday and she is on life support and we don't quite know what to expect.  My Brother and I can only spend so much time at the Hospital before we need a break from the stress and sorrow of it all... he is not well and is visiting from out of State... and I've got the crew here at Home to work around while we deal with this personal crisis and Mom's medical emergency...

I am thankful that she had several days of celebrating her special day around those she Loves... going out, receiving calls from all over the World from those who could not be with her to celebrate in person.  I take comfort that she is in the Lord's most capable Hands and I Trust Him with the outcome... whatever that may be...  I know that she will be in the thoughts and Prayers of all who know her... and even some who don't.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. - James Dean


  1. Oh no Dawn! I'm so so sorry! I hope your mom will recover. She'll certainly be in my prayers and so will your whole family. Vanna

  2. Oh Dawn...I'm so sorry to hear this. Your are in my thoughts as you know I come by here often. I'm so glad she got to celebrate her special day...please take care of yourself, too.



  3. Dawn, So sorry to read this sad news. My thoughts are with you. Gorgeous pictures by the way. Luv Mag. Pearl! I want to move in with her! Take care, Joyce aka

  4. Hey Dawn, wanted to let you know that I have tried many times before to leave other comments and for some reason, they don't go through, but I see I was just able to leave a comment this time. I follow your blog on a regular basis because we love so much of the same thing. Do you have email? Joyce aka

  5. Dawn,
    I'm so sorry about the situation with your Mom. I can't imagine how rough that is. I am wishing you peace, friend.


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