Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Another Mosaic Monday

I have been wanting a Vintage Articulated Mannequin Hand for what seems like forever!
They're not easy to come by and the one time I had seen one for sale I had regrettingly passed on the opportunity... assuming I could locate another at a better price.  Well, you know how that goes...

So fast forward many Moons... and I'm no longer even really looking for or Hoping for a Vintage Articulated Mannequin Hand... and I just wouldn't have been satisfied with a new one offered at Auction sites.  When what do I stumble upon in the way that Serendipity always seems to play out so beautifully... not one... but a SET of the coveted Hands... a Right one and a Left one!  Dare I Hope that the Vendor was actually selling either of them and not using them as Display Props that would be marked the dreaded NFS?!!??! *Sucking in breath, almost afraid to look...*

Ta-Da, they were for Sale!!!  *Happy Dance* I could barely contain myself... and though I settled for the Left Hand... it is my Hope that the Right Hand will wait until budget allows it to join it's partner??? *Fingers Crossed*  Of coarse risking this Post to reveal it's location is a Wild Card... sometimes that happens and I cannot begrudge a fellow Junquer and Lover of all things Old for scoring any Lovely Treasure they also adore.  Even if I wanted something, if someone scores it before me I celebrate that it's going to a good Home where it will be Loved, proudly displayed and cherished as much as it would have been coming Home with Yours Truly.  Lord knows I can't have it ALL *Sighs and a huge Smile*... and I've 'held' on the Post for quite some time now and decided that it was due time to reveal my exciting 'score', after all, how could I not share such an exciting discovery with my Friends in the Land Of Blog?! *Winks*  You all know what it is like to be seeking that elusive piece and the excitement of finally discovering it and better yet being able to acquire it because the price was right!  *Heart fluttering & pulse racing!*

And check out my 1970's Peacock Decanter which was another discovery and coveted piece.  I'd seen a few in the past and admired them, not knowing at the time that only a limited number of 3000 had ever been produced.  I'm not a collector of decanters so I don't know all the dirt on the collectible ones... but I Love Peacocks and had thought it would be a piece I'd like to own if I discovered one again at an affordable  price.  So when I finally stumbled upon one of these lovelies again...  he was mine... and I really do Love how he looks in a vignette... Peacocks are so very Boheme' and over the top in adornment... just like me. *winks*  Birds of a Feather we are...

So my Friends... what elusive Treasure that you have been longing for are you yet to 'score'?
Or better yet, what elusive Treasure have you finally 'scored'!?  And what wonderful Story do you have to tell behind that coveted acquisition?! 

Even though the Thrill Of The Hunt is what we all Live for... I do believe here in the Land Of Blog it is a wonderful resource and way of Networking and putting more Fellow Scavenger eyes out there, Partnering for each of us to find those more elusive Found Treasures that we covet and seek to add to our Treasure Chests... here's Hoping yours will soon turn up, just waiting for YOU... if it hasn't already been found and been proudly carted Home...

Please join us for MOSAIC MONDAY over at Mary's LITTLE RED HOUSE Blog!
It was Mary's user friendly tutorial that taught me how to create Photo Mosaics and its so much fun, if you haven't tried it, confidently go forth and create...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a fantastic and exotic vignette. Really unique.

  2. The hand is exquisite (as is your entire collection here) and I so agree with "The Thrill of Hunt" philosophy!


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