Sunday, July 3, 2011

Funky Junque

Do you ever just seek out Funky Junque?  Those items that are quirky, unusual, may not even serve any Purpose except that visually they appeal to you or you think would look great in a vignette? I've found those particular types of pieces to be wonderful conversation starters... people are often drawn to something 'different', if only because of curiosity and the oddity of it.

I actually LOVE Funky Junque and can hardly resist items that epitomize the quirky aesthetic.  I've always been drawn to Signage and oversized Letters and Numbers... unusual Old Bottles and Vintage Containers... Old Books that just have neat Old Covers & I don't even care what the contents are about... Vintage Agricultural items... Old Hardware & Keys... Commercial Ephemera like Old Ledgers & Letters beautifully written in Caligraphy Script & aged to perfection, if it's from other parts of the World all the better... and especially that Funky Junque that I don't have a clue what it is or what it was used for but it just looks cool and interesting.  Things with a History and evidence of much use appeal to me no matter if it is an oddity or not normally used for interior decor. 

What Funky Junque 'speaks' to YOU my Friends?  What have you admired, collected or decorated with that shows your quirky, eclectic, fun side?

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Dawn... The Bohemian

*Most of the Images photographed at NOT TOO SHABBY or ANTIQUE GATHERINGS in Phoenix*

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  1. Dawn, what a fantastic display of funky junque! Loving the over-sized letters and the old keys...I have been popping in here, but was having trouble leaving nice to be able to comment again - hope all is well with you xxx


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