Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Comforts Of Home

For me a Home wouldn't be complete without Comfort.  I've seen Homes that look Beautiful to me, and can be exquisitely decorated, but don't look at all comfortable and therefore not particularly inviting.

I prefer Comfort over most other sensations in a Home... it would be what invites me in and makes me want to linger, relax and stay a while.  I've been working in Food Ministry Service for years and visited Homes of the very poor who had little, but still made their Homes warm, inviting and comfortable to Host Guests in... so you felt welcomed, wanted to linger and enjoy Fellowship.  I've also been in Homes of affluence that lacked all of those attributes, that character, charm and warmth, so it wasn't so comfortable or inviting at all, regardless of the contents... feeling more like a House than a Home.  I would Hope that where we live always feels like Home, to those who live there and those we Host.

Comfort may mean many different things to different people, but for me the abundance of soft surfaces to languish in is paramount.  An abundance of soft squishy Pillows, Quilts, Duvets & Throws, plump furniture to sit in or lay upon.  I'm very laid back about our Home and so you can always put your feet up and take a load off if that will make you most comfortable and at ease.

 Books or Magazines to look at or read has always been a mainstay in our Home... whether published or simply Inspiration Books created by the Owner.  I have never been without reading materials in my own Home... and though the new Nook and other substitutions for Traditional bound Books seems to be rising in popularity, it just isn't for me... I like the feel, smell and look of the Real Deal and my Hope is that it never totally goes out of Style so that future generations may enjoy them.

The fragrance and ambiance of scented lit Candles in our favorite scents is always present in our Home.  I can't begin to tell you how many Guests have complimented us on how lovely our Home smells... and of my signature fragrance, Nag Champa based scents, which many that know me identify me by. *Winks*  Though Votivo's "Forgotten Sage" is certainly another signature scent that I adore and use often... Febreze's "Moroccan Bazaar" Room Spray and some of the "Gold Canyon" Candle fragrances, for the kitchen especially, since they make many delightful Home Baked Fragrances.

  Relaxing with our favorite food or beverage, Teas being among our favorite comfort of Home beverage... having things close to us that we enjoy experiencing and which represent our Faith and Spirituality, these are important aspects that are comforting and create a Home for us.

I could go on and on about what epitomizes the Comforts Of Home for me.  And when I'm comfortable, I feel at Home... whether it is within the walls of my own Home... or somewhere else.  A place that is inviting, soothing, restful and delights the senses is always a place where we want to be, where we want to spend time and create Memories to fondly recall.

May you find the special things that evoke the Comforts of Home where ever you go...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love all your comfy pillows and linens Dawn. I agree about a home beinbg comfortable. And really not too perfect kwim? Perfect = best behavior which = tense. I noticed the nag champa candle right away! Your signature scent *winks*....Mine is fresia incense *winks* Vanna

  2. Comfort IS beauty. I often come across photos of rooms or pieces that remind me of you (and Jimmi Hendrix!)...sooooo comfy and, well, BOHEMIAN!
    I have never seen a Nag Champa candle before. Where did you find it?


  3. I love your comfort items! Especially those cottage pillows!

  4. Beautiful Dawn...I agree, I love to be surrounded by comfort and the things that make me happy (including people and animals!) One of the nicest compliments I received was when someone said my home was beautiful, but it felt like they could put their feet up on the coffee table...not precious at all...that made me smile. Oh, and we are Nag Champa kindreds! It is my favourite of all the insences x

  5. Just just just amazing post, as ususal!

    Agneta, the swedish one ;)


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