Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Unexpected Surprise In Time For Mother's Day!!!

My Friend Angela Colletti-Cummings is an amazing Artist and Designer... I have been wanting some of her fabulous Belts for some time now and today she surprised me in time for Mother's Day with one of the gorgeous Belts she has designed and made for me!!! *Squeal of Delight!*

We had worked out a Trade of our Art for each other and I hadn't expected to receive one of mine before I'd finished one of hers... so this was a wonderful surprise that she got done so soon! Though to be sure she knows I'm a slow poke and had graciously agreed to wait patiently for the pieces I'd be working on for her. I'm so glad I have ultra patient Friends!

Well, this Belt just took my breath away, it exceeded my expectations in every way and is truly a Labor of Love, I can tell all the hard work and hours that went into creating such a detailed piece, Angela you just choked me up, this was a Feast for the Eyes and a magnificent piece of wearable Art!!! 

And Angela knows my Style so well that she embellished it with so many beautiful Treasures that it was like going on a Found Treasure Hunt to discover each lovely surprise!  I'm a "more is never enough" sort of Gal, so this was just perfect... there is Rhinestone Bling, ornate Crystals of all shapes, tiny Treasures of every sort, Beads, Vintage Lace, Vintage Velvet, rich Tapestry, Snail Trail Ribbons, Tassles, Trims, Mother Of Pearl Buttons, Angela's Trademark Velvet Rosettes... Bohemian excess at it's finest and SO ME...  you really outdid yourself on this one Girlfriend and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!   And what is particularly great about this... since its custom made for yours truly it looks better on ME than on the skinny Mannequin Twins Yashyme or Yazmin! *Winks*  So the G-Son did his best Nigel Barker impersonation and photographed Gramma sporting her new Belt as if auditioning for America's Next 'Plus Sized' Top Model! *LOL*

Thanks again my Friend... I am totally blown away by your talents and you 'got' my vision for THE Belt... and the sneak peek of Belt #2 has me equally excited and anticipating more Boheme' Glam...

Now I gotta get busy and finish up yours! *Winks*  You really made this Mother's Day so Special!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Such a stunning belt - the richness of all the laces, velvets, braids and embellishments. Truely gorgeous Dawn!

  2. Dawn you bet it was a NICE surprise...and it looks great on you ! Don't we woman love to look our finest ?
    I have another surprise for you..I found an old music sheet on the web... with a Bohemian theme to it..and wondered if you could use it. If so, email me at:- I will send it to's digital of course.
    Be sure to tell me it is in my Scanned Folder, or I will never remember where I stored it.


  3. Dawn you look fabulous in that gorgeous belt. It is stunning! All of the work that went in to it shows. Stopped by to wish you a Happy Mothers Day:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Really really georgeous!! And indeed it matches so perfect together with your style......
    Oh this must be your lucky day ;0)
    Fine mothers day

  5. Wow! That is an amazing piece of bohemian architecture!! It looks great on you, Dawn!!


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