Friday, May 6, 2011

Show & Tell Friday... I Collect Strange Stuff...

I was contemplating what to "Show & Tell" for Cindy's Show & Tell Friday Blog Party over at MY ROMANTIC HOME ... and what is inspiring me for Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday Blog Party over at COMMON GROUND... and something Vintage to Photograph for Photo Feature Friday over at Tricia's Blog Party at A ROSY NOTE... And I looked down at what I was wearing and thought... I collect some strange stuff... I could show and tell about some of it... and just about everything in this ole' House is VINTAGE... and it constantly provides inspiration to me... *Winks* 

Such as the Tee I'm wearing today that I picked up while Thrifting, I loved the graphics ... I have a macabre fascination with Skull Art you see... and mixing it with Religious Objects... strange but true...

I often save and collect the Fortunes that I particularly like from my Fortune Cookies...

I love cheap Mardi Gras Beads and decorating with them... I collected so many in fact that I had to start giving them away as Party Favors at the G-Kid's Birthday Parties...

Okay, so this particular piece isn't in my collection *yet*... but I'm drawn to unusual Fashion Accessories... like this Brooch/Ribbon Belt... or whatever it is!?! ... A piece like this will stop me dead in my tracks...

We collect old rusty, crusty items we find in our Desert Treks... such as these old Horseshoes...
And ANY Rocks that catch our eye... like this chunk of raw Turquoise...

And yes, though morbid, our Southwestern sensibilities prompt us to drag Home Desert Casualties *Boneheads the G-Kids call 'em*... that have been bleached out by the hot Arizona Sun... yes, you still do find Sun Bleached Critter Skulls lying about the Desert...

And let us not forget my Salvaged damaged Religious items... I feel compelled to 'rescue' any broken Rosary, Crucifix or Spiritual Statuary, regardless of condition...  This Antique Crucifix's Corpus is chalkware and was broken in several places...

 I've left it "As Is" and draped a broken Irish Horn Rosary over it... because that's how I roll, I'm one quirky Mama...

Dawn... The Bohemian  

Show and tell us about what you have to share this Friday before Mother's Day...

And what has been inspiring you?  Don't forget to enter Debra's fantastic Give-Away too...

And be sure to share a Photo of something Vintage... I KNOW you've got something Vintage... *smiles*


  1. We do have a lot in common in terms of our tastes -- great pics and great stuff.

  2. As said before - I also collect religious stuff. Love the fabric in the first picture - is that really a tshirt? Think it is available online?
    Want to wish you a wonderful weekend,

  3. I'm right there with ya on the skulls!! I also love pelts... So beautiful!
    Happy (almost) Mother's Day!!!

  4. I'm loving your rosaries and jewelry. That turquoise rock if wonderful. Some family members think I'm strange for the stuff I put on my walls....not strange at all, just different. My son has a thing for "boneheads" too.

  5. Hi Dawn, lovely post.... Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Hi Dawn! I love this post and I love your treasures, they are so beautiful! Thank you so much for visiting me and your wonderful comment about my grandpa's pocket watch.
    Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to visiting you again.
    Happy Mothers Day. :)

  7. Happy Mothers Day Dawn! Thanks for linking up to Photo Feature Friday :)


  8. Not so far fetched. Many people wonder about the things I drag (often literally drag) home.
    You know how to display them well. If they make you smile or give a moment of happiness to your day - Go for it!

  9. I've saved fortunes before to display too, sometimes you just get one too good to let go!


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