Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Polaroid Moment...

Hey, remember the old Polaroids?  I remember back in the day thinking they were absolutely amazing and marvelous... now I am totally amused that they're a 'special effect' to photoshop our modern day photographs! *LOL*  For those that don't remember, this technology was State of the Art in it's day... to be able to see and hold a photograph only moments after it was taken... and watch it materialize like Magic while you held it in your hands! *Gasp - Smiles*  Each new Technology is amazing in it's day and in Modern times its as if there is an explosion in Technological advances that supercedes anything we ever dreamed about in the Past... things are almost obsolete shortly after they're invented and marketed now and it's difficult to keep up!

I'm amazed and stand in awe of the inventions, the Technology and what it can do... and yet, there are times I long for a simpler time. When folks didn't discard something so soon simply because it isn't the latest thing and they've been convinced its obsolete and they must "keep up" with the frantic pace of inventions and gadgets rolling out constantly. Or become disenchanted and bored with it immediately because it wasn't the latest 'new thing' and even though they might have just got it, now there's "something else" replacing it on the Market that they think they must have.  I'm thankful I don't feel that need and I use and keep things until they wear out or quit working, so I always have outdated Technology but that's okay, if it works I still work it. *Winks* 

As a matter of fact I like and prefer Old Stuff and some of the Old Ways of doing things... and often choose to do things the old fashioned way on purpose or use a Vintage piece that still works well... sure it's not always as convenient or quick... but it isn't always true that newer is necessarily better every time.  Take a Home cooked meal for example... a Labor of Love to do and yet no Microwave or Fast Food can compare!  Some of my Vintage and Antique pieces have outlasted the latest "new thing" that was never built to last and was meant to be instantly replaceable and passe'... and therefore, not very cost effective in the long run.

I've had a lot of fun with these Polaroid Moments... bringing back memories and a dose of nostalgia... and I certainly prefer my new digital camera in this instance... some new things are in fact better and a vast improvement and I acknowledge that.  But you can be sure I'll keep this digital camera until it no longer works... no matter how many new improved models are cranked out to entice us in the meantime... because that's how I roll...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn,
    I like the accumulation of rosaries, and the pious statue.
    I believe that simply to use what we have to need, because the contemporary technologies remain fantastic, but be amazed with delicacy of the objects of past.
    Kisses to the children, and caress in the cat

    Beautiful day

  2. I'm rollin' with ya girlfriend. I don't have a "keeping up with the Jones's mentality" I buy second hand as much as possible (with the exception of undies) *winks*
    Let the foolish buy the latest and greatest thing....and ten minutes later we can pick em up for half price or better! And I STILL have my polaroid camera from the 70's *winks* Love the peek into the living room. Vanna


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