Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving Forward... Embracing Changes...

I find that sometimes I resist change and other times I desperately need it.  Right now is a needing it Season of Life.  Some people say that the older you get the more you want things to remain the same... I'm not entirely convinced of that.  At least for me, the older I get the more I like to experience different things and change things up because the varieties in Life are what inspire me most.

There are some things I like to remain the same, things with History and a significant Story... like beautiful old buildings and fabulous architecture or favorite places... to me it is a shame when any of that is forever lost by change.  I embrace the new and the vision for the future that will make it even better than the present or the past... but I prefer a balance of each... the old and the new.

Sometimes all that needs to change is our attitude, perspective, thoughts and feelings.  Each day is a new opportunity for those positive types of changes that will make us the very best version of ourselves... and it is a process, an evolution of character and the wisdom that can only come with the passing of time and introspection.  I've been doing a fair amount of that lately because I haven't quite felt like 'myself' and if the becoming of something different, a change, is not positive, I am very aware of that and seek immediate change in the other direction.

Sometimes the changes I make are subtle... in my habits, my vision, my surroundings and perspective.  Other times they are drastic... now has been one of those more extreme Seasons where I'm inclined to be on the drastic move towards changes and I find that rather exciting... fresh... clean starts and blank canvases are very intriguing and stimulate creativity and the imagination.  I'm not certain where it will take me... and I don't exactly know where I'm going with it... but I'm on my way...

I will also be joining Håkan's Blog Party and enjoying all of the fabulous Garden Photography... over at:

... for Saturday Show Off ... and what am I showing off today???...  The lovely Saguaro Blossoms that are everywhere in the Desert this time of year and distinctive to our part of the Country.

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm very much in sympathy with your thoughts, Dawn. Your Saguaro blossoms are beautiful.

  2. Hello
    I agree in your thougts. And so wonderful inspirations you have inside your blog.
    Wish you a happy sunday, in Sweden is early morning.
    Hugs from

  3. Ms. B. I started a comment on the post after this one. You know, where you talk about Beauty all around us. You are so right and I need to listen to you and start looking at the beauty instead of the bad and the negative. I lost that comment. But the beauty is, I can start over and share more thoughts with you. I have been going through some bad times, mostly because of money, well the lack of it. And It has had me down and in the dirt. After reading your post and seeing the simple things that bring beauty into our lives, I realize I have been going at life all wrong. After all I live in a beautiful home with beautiful things. I have a beautiful family that loves and supports me. I have beautiful friends, especially my blog friends, and I am so grateful. I need to stand up and look around and be thankful for all the beauty around me. Be grateful for it! Rejoice in it and spread that beauty and love around. Maybe that will change everything. In the mean time it will make me be a happier and more peaceful soul and that alone can change any ones world. Oh, thanks so much Ms. B.


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