Friday, May 13, 2011

Fantasy Images And Blogger Withdrawal...

Image: Laizzefaire

Image: Bohemian Parlour... Bing Images

Image: Ruin... Bing Images

Images: Home of Dutch Painter Cornelis le Mair by Rene' Stoeltie & 

Image: Gothic Bathroom... Bing Images

Image: Gothic Window... Bing Images

Image: Rust & Roses Mobile Mini Manse

Image: Gothic Bedroom... Bing Images 

Image: Mexican Hotel... Bing Images

Images: Bora Bora & Tahiti... Bing Images


So 'Blogger' was down for a while and rather than going through Blogger Withdrawal *LOL* I spent my precious PC Getaway Time seeking Fantasy Images to Post about today.  There's a wealth of them out there... but some draw me in like a hypnotic trance...  and the attraction is quite strong.

Images like the Home of Dutch Painter Cornelis le Mair... eccentic, yes, but I definitely feel a Kindred Spirit to this type of eccentricity of decor.  Because I'm quite certain if I lived alone and had nobody else to consider accommodating in the aesthetics of our Home, my tastes would swing to the far side of Boheme', you could count on it! *Winks*

I've always been quite attracted to Gothic Decor as well... it is a darkness of decor that I could embrace and feel quite comfortable surrounded by even though normally 'dark' would not be my thing... naturally my Gothic Style would include pops of bold Bohemian color and rich luxurious fabrics and Persian Rugs galore... but Gothic Architecture and Furniture is very, very appealing to me and has a Spiritual draw to it that I can't quite explain... reminding me of Grand Cathedrals and European Castles. 

And Ruins... and walls with the patina of ruin, like the first photo... I am drawn to that type of elegant decay like a Moth to a flame.  I wouldn't restore or refinish any of it, I'd live in it 'As Is' and delight in that unique aging of surfaces that only Time can create.  When most peeps think something is a wreck or ruin, I think it's absolute perfection!  The overgrown, dilapidated, rusted, tattered, rough and abandoned has always had a special appeal and fascination to me... and for once, in the Land Of Blog, I have been able to connect with others who share this unusual attraction.  The Photo of the Ruin above with the fabulous growth out the chimney I can see the potential for rehabitation and leaving much of it untouched... and restoring it just enough to make it livable and yet with that overgrown Ruin appeal intact.

My Friend Shelly Sessions Mobile Mini Manse is absolute perfection for the Traveling Abode... accommodating those of us with wanderlust in our blood and adventures down the road calling to us like a Siren's Song!  And an inviting entryway of any kind has always drawn me in... the image of the Mexican Hotel with the ornate entryway and Lace Curtains makes me wonder what lies within? I'm quite certain it will be wonderful, don't you? 

And then there is the opposite end of the spectrum... the Natural Paradise of a Tropical Island.  Where me, the maximalist, would gladly give up all my material things and trade it for the Natural Splendor so rich and so satisfying to me, that I would require little else.  Yes, even I could become a minimalist in a Tropical Paradise. To wake up each day and be greeted by the vision of Paradise here on Earth, well, who would need 'stuff' of Beauty when Natural Beauty of that magnitude completely envelopes you!?  Yes, a straw hut would do in an environment such as that! *swooning*  Of all the things on my "Bucket List" that is and has been #1... Bora Bora.

So, though it wasn't my intent today to explore Fantasy Images and create a Post about them, the serendipity of the Blogger malfunction allowed me the path to go there... and allow me to enjoy my online time another way... what Fantasy Images captivate YOU my Friends?
 Dream On... and Dream Big...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a lovely adventure.I also love the look but of course my hubby would think something was wrong with me if I did it to our home.My most favorite are tents or wagons decorated in the bohemian style.Even though my husband is very smart I still don't think He would get it.In fact, I'm getting off the computer and grilling Him on the subject right now.

  2. What fabulous images of the Dutch painters house, I wonder if it's open to the public, what a place to visit.
    We all had withdrawal when Blogger was so sick. so glad she's recovered.
    Have a fab weekend,
    Hugs, Angela.

  3. Hi Dawn...
    Just wanted to wish you a wonderful 2012, I have been cruising your blog WOW!!! I just love it because it fills me with inspiration.
    I hope all is well with you and your family and that it stays Bonzer. (means wonderful in Australia)

    Love to you~

  4. PS, I meant to ask you if you make your own backgrounds Dawn...they are magnificent and unusual...


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