Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Constitutes Found Treasure For You?

Our Family has dragged Home quite an eclectic mix of things that we consider "Found Treasure" and constitutes a 'score' by our standards. *winks*  Pretty rocks and semi-precious stones in their original state. Old rusted Horseshoes and metal objects that have sat in the Desert dirt for Lord knows how long.  Animals skulls bleached White by the Desert Sun.  Thrift Store and Flea Market finds of Vintage Treasures, particularly those made of Fabrics we adore... pretty old Jewelry... Spiritual Art... and Architectural Salvage.   Old wooden objects with crackled, chipped Paint aged to perfection or just the right colors... they don't even have to be complete, we'll make something out of the Salvage Lumber if it looks just right!  Items we had to save a long time to acquire but had our Heart set upon because we wanted to add it to our Treasure Trove of Lovelies. Creations by favorite Artists and Treasures we find to make our own Artistic creations from. Or maybe it will be just the right photographic opportunity... one of those Kodak Moments... where Nature unfolds some of her magnificence in a way that is treasured by us and we want to preserve through our lens.

I can recognize the good stuff because I grew up around it and know the value of many Treasures that are Antiques or Vintage Collectibles.  However, I don't always seek them out and sometimes I'm not even drawn to something because it is obviously the good stuff. *winks* Some say that condition is everything, but for us that is not always the case, we've dragged Home items where the condition is marginal at best and at worst beyond repair or actual use but still we find it attractive enough aesthetically to have pride of place in our Home or Garden purely as a decorative element or oddity.  We've kept old dried Flowers that shriveled and dried in such a way that they were still quite beautiful in their decayed state... and when they get dusty, as dried fragile things will, Princess T breaks out her water color brushes and attempts to dust them off and give them her version of the Museum Treatment so that we might still keep them a little longer. *winks*  We save interesting beads and buttons, bits and bobs... anything in fact that might be made into a future creation or project.

Whether your Found Treasures actually have monetary value and collectibility or not, whether you saved for a long time to acquire it or got it at a bargain or for free... if you Love it you will ultimately find a place for it in your Life... because Love has a way of making room for anyone or anything... with Love, may your Life be filled with your special kind of Treasures... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Lovin' all your found treasures eye candy Dawn! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure what I find beautiful isn't for everyone. My hubby has hair halfway down his back and people are forever asking him when he'll cut it? I find it very beautiful! But it doesn't conform to the "norm" So high five *slap* to all of us non conformists girlfriend *winks* We're the outside the box people and PROUD of it!! Vanna

  2. treasures?!?!
    all of them of course!
    gorgeous photos!
    happy night, :)

  3. I like every single one of your treasurers.


  4. Hey Dawn once again you came by with your sweet supportive thought! I love it. Thank you as always.Your treasures are wonderful, XO Christie


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