Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Street Fair... Vintage Cars & Vintage Decor Galore

This Black Beauty was my fav car of the Show! *swooning*

How do you entice the Guys to join you in a Street Fair that will have loads of Artists and Vintage Decor Galore... why you throw in Vintage Cars as well! *winks*  Yes, the Planners of this event made it so that it could be a Family Affair... rides, street food and activities for the Kiddies... miles of Vintage Cars for the Guys... and all the Artists, Vintage Decor and Shopping for us Gals that would take up the best part of a day! *Smiles and a contented sigh*  So I'll give you eye candy of both for the next few Posts until I use up the gadzillion photos I took of the Event.  I must admit, I love Vintage Vehicles too... I have a particular passion for the old Gangsta Style ones... hummmmm, I wonder if that has some subliminal message?! *LOL*  The BFF loved that adorable 53 Truck and Trailer with the miniature version in the flatbed... so cute!  I actually owned a 71 Mustang just like that Electric Blue one... only mine was the "Medium Green Metallic" color... but that's not what WE called it! *But I'll keep it clean, LOL... you Parents will know the slang phrase though*  Loved the car, but the color... not so much! *He he he*  And when I got pregnant I had to get something I didn't have to "roll" out of... Muscle Cars were not built to accomodate a very pregnant Woman! *winks*  But I digress... it's always a Joy to visit the Shop Gals at RUST & ROSES... and check out Crooky, the resident Fur Baby of RUST & ROSES and SIRENS & SAINTS, he's showcasing how supremely comfy the Vintage Garden Furniture really is! *Smiles*  Check back tomorrow for more Vintage Cars, Vintage Decor & Fabulous Fashion from the Street Fair experience... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All Vintage Decor photographed at RUST & ROSES*


  1. My kinda fun day Hod Rods and antiques ha ha!! We also have a street show like that each year in Sutter Creek, Calif...Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Dawn
    How can you tease us girls with those amazing rusty and chippy goodness. Great photos and I love your outfit how perfect for the occasion!


  3. Thank you so much for your comments. And for the tip!
    Looking at your pics here, it looks like a wonderful day.
    Happy tuesday wishes from Norway


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