Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sirens And Saints... When You Feel A Bit Like Both

Dear Sweet Minnie... looking every bit the Saintly Siren!

Have you ever had the Saint and Siren in you be in direct conflict?  You know, when the Saint in you goes out with the best of intentions and vows to have the utmost restraint and discipline... and then... 

Into the Valley of temptations she strays, because the Siren's Song  in her is drawn to all that is lovely, beautiful, decadent and speaks to that part of her aesthetic that yearns for adornment... and that's all she wrote... the Saint and Siren are now in direct conflict! *winks*  Shelly and Minnie's delightful Shops SIRENS AND SAINTS is such a place, aptly named, where you can feel a bit like both the minute you walk through the door. 

Yes, I walked in with the best of intentions, just to visit the Gals and delight the eyes... to photograph some of the amazing Treasures to share here in the Land Of Blog.  Okay, so I know that tempts you too and so I'm drawing you into my own little personal battle *LOL*... but lets face it, do we actually come to our favorite haunts in Blogovia not to indulge ourselves too?!? *Smiles*  I love to surround myself with beauty, actually and virtually, it's what I feel most comfortable around.  And most of the time the Saint in me prevails, or at least I'd like to think so. *winks*  But I confess, the two sides of me... that Saintly side and that Siren side... well, they've had many a smack down, vying to take center stage... and I'm never quite certain which will win any particular battle on any given day.  Will I be able to waltz around beauty and temptations in a Saintly manner and just enjoy the experience... with no inclination that the Siren's Song could lure me in strongly and the Siren in me need to be appeased?!?  Or... if I am aware that Siren Dawn is in hyperdrive, will I be able to just sit at Home and revel in previously acquired beauty and keep her restrained and reeled in sufficiently?  Alas, most of the time I can feel a bit like both... where they just must co-exist peacefully, being a Saintly Siren... and try not to have conflict. *LOL*

I walked into SIRENS AND SAINTS feeling quite confident this day... because I had been on my long walk to restore body and Spirit... to the Desert Botanical Gardens and then to several favorite Shops to visit Friends and photograph Beautiful Blog Fodder to delight all of us.  I had been amidst sensory overload all day long and not succumbled to the Siren in me.  Dear Minnie looked like a vision of the Saintly Siren and had discovered the most amazing Antique Victorian Bloomers ever and looked positively adorable in them as she modeled them for us.  We had laughed over the special little Victorian era discreet design, my how resourceful the Victorian Ladies had to be in the name of Fashion and Function *winks*  Suffice to say said Bloomers will have Minnie Modifications very soon *winks* and I'm anxiously waiting to see what inspiration this piece will have on Minnie's creative Fashion genius in the near future... remember Minnie, don't forget us Big Gals... make mine a comfortable Extra-Large please... *Smiles* 

So... what do you think happened this day my Friends?  I'll tell you no lies... there was Trouble in Paradise and conflict brewed between the two sides of me... an Angel on one shoulder and the seductive Siren on the other... stay tuned... there's more to this Story to come... Dawn... The Bohemian

NOTE: To all of you SIRENS AND SAINTS in Cali... there is a SIRENS AND SAINTS Store at Urban Barn in Escondido now!  See images below cribbed from their Blog to give you a preview of what Treasures are in store for you there: 


  1. I was so excited when they moved into Urban Barn their pieces are so tempting!!! Great post so much to desire. have a wonderful daY~!


  2. I will go back and read your post but I just had to say I'm all for the beautiful clothes in that beautiful shop with a name that somehow touches me.

  3. I been here to this shop I go with a friend who just loves it just as much as I do.it was good to see a post about it.>>>Chickie


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