Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sage... Vintage Industrial Style

I really love Vintage Industrial Style that has a European or New Orleans vibe to it... I always find it in abundance at one of my fav Shops in Phoenix, SAGE.  Proprietor Kendra Vermeer is such fun and has a great sense of humor, I always leave with a smile... and on many occasions some fab Vintage Treasures too. I've gotten some of my 'go to' Jewelry there and my fav European Chandies that look like they once graced a European Historic Mansion or Chateau... I'd like to imagine they did anyway! *winks*  Granted, I've completely run out of ceiling space to hang Chandies *le sigh* and so I still have many sitting around unhung and in vignettes around the house. *Smiles*  Who says a Chandie always has to be hung from a ceiling anyway? *winks*

A recent visit to SAGE showcased the eye candy for today's Post, and a few previously unposted photos from my Archives of the Shop ... Kendra was a riot as usual and so funny... Lord don't you just love when people can effortlessly make you laugh, it's a great positive vibe and a Gift!!!  Her Gift for decorating and making amazing vignettes is awesome too... I'd love my whole house to look like this... it's just an atmosphere I'm particularly drawn to and comfortable in... and I don't even know why... perhaps in a previous life I lived in Faded dilapidated Elegance with rooms full of Vintage Industrial Style... or in a European Mansion perhaps that had that beautiful look only hundreds of years and a lot of living can create?? *Smiles*  I was seriously lusting after the French Bistro chairs in one of my fav shades of Vintage Green.  And I don't know what the metal White Victorian looking Egg and Dart design thingies were or came from... but I LOVE them!?! They are those types of items that I don't have a clue what the function was or is supposed to be, but I'd find a new use for them just because they're so aesthetically gorgeous to me! *LOL*  These were very heavy cast iron and aged to perfection, just the way I like it!  That Fireplace in the first room as you enter the Shop... TO DIE FOR... not for Sale, but if it could be dismantled and transported... well... and if I had anywhere to actually put it *winks*... okay, suffice to say it's a Fantasy Fireplace that in my imagination would look great in mi Casa! *LOL*  The Pyro in me would be satiated having one with those magnificent dimensions and the look of many cozy infernos with the wonderful soot blackened patina it has!  The Man and Crew might be nervous... they only trust me with faux Fireplaces and a limited number of candles blazing *winks*... preferably in the fragrance of "Forgotten Sage" by 'Votivo', which I first found at SAGE in fact and the Shop always had that delightful Heavenly aroma and great candle selections!  Well, perhaps they're right... no sense risking burning the house down *he he he* so I'll just have to be satisfied having a huge Dream Fireplace on the canvas of my imagination... until I get that huge old European Mansion or Chateau that is... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. OK, seriously are making me crazy....nobody has a suitcase big enough!!!
    This is one shop I will definately be checking out!! Can't wait !!

  2. Some of that stuff is a little rough. What would you do with it? Put in the garden maybe. RC

  3. Love it all! OOh..the things I would love to create with all these treasures...thanks for sharing them Dawn, magical..gorgeous and awesome!!


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