Saturday, March 26, 2011

Other People's Collections

Wisk Broom Collection Image cribbed from COUNTRY LIVING

Silvered Apothecary Bottle Collection cribbed from FACTORY 20 

I don't know about you but I'm fascinated by other people's collections. It intrigues me and I wonder where they acquired their objects from? Does it hold a special meaning for them... and if so, what? Is there a story behind it, a memory, was it a cherished Heirloom handed down? Are they inspired by that piece(s) or does it bring comfort, security, happiness, nostalgia?   How long did it take them to accumulate what they have and how far and wide do they go to obtain whatever they collect or offer for sale? What is so special about that piece to them? How long have they had such items and what possessed them to chose that item(s) to collect or save or decorate their Home or Business with?  Did they obtain it before it became popular to have and before everyone was scrambling to get one, or did they gravitate towards it regardless of the market for it at the time of their acquisition?  I'm often amazed at the unique items folks have hoarded over the years that you just don't see many, if any, of... and yet, they may have an impressive stash of that particular item!  Old Signs, old Gas Pumps or Machinery, Vintage Packaging of ordinary products that aren't so ordinary anymore.  Some things are not so surprising that someone had the foresight to preserve and cherish... and other things I'm amazed they did and also very glad because it has made it possible to survive into the Future to be enjoyed by others, when during its era it may have been quite ordinary and not valued as having any particular significance?!  You may have never seen one before... or it might be something that brings back memories from a time gone by and you remember... or maybe you had forgotten until the image jarred the memory!?  Wow, I haven't seen THAT in a long time... I used to have one of THOSE... I used to see that in Gramma's House... everyone had one of those when they were popular... that was one of my favorite toys or things.  Does the sight of something from your past that you didn't save often create a desire to have one once again?  Or perhaps it was something you never got to have and now is your golden opportunity all these years later!?   Even if the item(s) isn't anything I'd have a particular attraction to I can still appreciate it... there's just something about a collection of a particular thing that makes it stand out in a very special way.  A grouping of like objects as a whole just appeals to me, when I may not have even noticed just one standing alone.  Whether that grouping is by color, form or specificity hardly matters, it will still be eye catching to me.  Have you ever seen a collection of items from a specific era that transports you back in time or makes time seem to stand still and be frozen?  I remember seeing an entire 1900 era Soda Fountain Shoppe, with every little detail in the massive collection of items, dominate an entire room of a particular Store.... WOW was that impressive!   I've visited Living History Museums that have preserved the Old West... the Victorian Era... or even an era in time I remember from my Youth... and it's always a Joy.  I love the ambiance of a Restaurant or Shop that creates a unique atmosphere from another Time... or another Country or Culture or a specific decorating Style or theme where the impact of everything being cohesive for that genre is something to behold.  I'm thoroughly enjoying all the new Shows where we get to come along and visit some of the people and places that showcase what they have collected, saved and stashed away.  You can clearly see the attachment to the objects and relationship to it that people often have when they Love something and are drawn to it.  Sometimes its in a healthy way, other times not so much, but nonetheless interesting and quite fascinating to me.  Some of the things I'd love to have myself... other things I wouldn't be at all interested in acquiring personally but the passion for it by the individual still holds my interest and want to hear their story.  Sometimes something is proudly displayed and has pride of place... other times its stashed away, dusty and ignored and yet, still somehow so significant that the person would have a difficult time letting go even if they haven't seen it for years!  And then the opposite... I'll often see pieces offered up for sale that I'm amazed someone COULD part with... and I wonder if it was easy for them, or difficult???  Though if it's something I really want I'm glad they have made it available for those of us who enjoy the thrill of the Hunt and discovering such a Treasure we can possess! *winks* 

Yes, though I have always been an incurable collector myself, I must say I've received as much, if not more, Joy from other people's collections and styles as I have from my own... and perhaps why this Land Of Blog has been such an enchanting, magical and exciting place to visit often.  And I thank you for that which each of you shares here... giving us a glimpse inside of your World and perhaps even into your Soul... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. OOOOOOH! Love!
    I got your address! I got it! I got it!
    Come visit me at my will make you happy, I think!



  2. Hello Dawn
    I like your photos and I am happy to visit your blog

    Tanks Maggan

  3. Collections are the bomb! And I just love viewing other peoples collections and hearing their stories!...But it's kinda dangerous to me too...because I'm a collection addict *winks* Vanna


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