Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking Back Fondly And Smiling

One thing I'm particularly enjoying about photo editing is that it is giving me a chance to look back fondly and smile at old photos... especially of some of the G-Kids and adult Children.  Some were never a very good quality, grainy precious images taken via a cellphone in another Country and exchanged... bridging great distance and the missing.  Others taken by me long ago... reminding me of how quickly time flies and little ones start growing up!  To go back and revisit these photos is a Joy, to edit them and make them fresh and as beautiful as possible... to match the beauty of the beloved faces staring back at me from the captured image, frozen in time, is even more precious. So I'm sharing some of my favorites in today's Post... of Princess T and one of her little Sisters, Princess R... and of our youngest Daughter, their Mother...

Time doesn't stand still... and I'm a person who chooses to live in the Moment and enjoy the Present... while fondly looking back and smiling... Life is a precious Gift... Relationships and Loved Ones are a priceless Gift... enjoy every moment of these Gifts fully my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. What a beautiful post Dawn...I couldn't agree more. Precious moments in time x


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