Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lets Go Antiquing and Junquing Together

Today I'm taking you Antiquing and Junquing with me my Friends, its one of my fav past-times even if I don't have anything in particular in mind... and I don't know about you, but it's usually when I don't have an agenda that I find the most fabulous Found Treasures anyway... its like a modern day Treasure Hunt!  The thrill of the Hunt is the best part actually... and even if I don't buy, just discovering has it's own reward.  I knew it was going to be a good Omen when the first "Goodwill" I entered had this amazing Bohemian Bling necklace for under $5 in the Jewelry Case right inside the front door!!!  Dontcha just love it when that happens!?!  It couldn't have been any more ME if I'd had it custom designed for yours truly... yep, it came Home with me for sure. 

Everyone that knows me is aware of what an Old Door and Old Mirror fanatic I am... they draw me like a magnet... I swear I have an internal radar that goes off if I'm in the proximity of any so they never escape my notice.  This old Ornate Pink Mirror was lovely and very reasonably priced... as was the old chippy White Door... I've left them for you though, okay? *winks*  You can find most of these Treasures at A MAD HATTER ANTIQUE MALL in Olde Town Glendale, Arizona.  There was a wealth of lovely Trays today... some Vintage Tole and some just with interesting graphics... gotta Love the Anheuser-Busch Cupids! *LOL*  Imagine being served your icy cold ones like that... what a Party that would be!!! *Smiles*  

My favorite Boudoir Doll was still there... though I'm not a Doll person I must say she has captivated me since I first laid eyes on her... but she's rather fragile... and expensive... and the last "collector doll" I brought Home had her fake eyelashes peeled off by Princess T, who proceeded to wear them herself *LOL*... whaddya gonna do... now I have a lashless not-so-collectible-now Doll and a very fond memory of a hilarious moment.  I would have visions of this lovely Boudoir Doll ending up buck naked, wig askew, cracked porcelain noggin and Princess T sporting that very cool Millinery Hat and Gramma clutching chest and staggering around like Redd Foxx! *winks*  So I'll probably wait a few years before investing in such a temptation as this. *Smile*  Hey, when you're five even the most forbidden of Dolls is calling you like a Siren's Song... and I haven't grown so old that I forgot what it was like to be young!

That primitive Harvest Table was to die for and a great price... but I already have one and nowhere to put two... at one time I had so many primitive tables that my Son was ready to call "Hoarders" and do a Table Hoarding Intervention... I've since sold off or given away the excess so that they won't have me committed... well, at least not for Table Hoarding. *winks*

The Vintage Hand Mirror someone had long ago embellished with a Bohemian flair of old Millinery Flowers was sweet.  I like Tins with interesting graphics... they make good storage options and can still be had for a pittance.  And lovely old make-up bags or feminine style wallets always catch my eye.

Vintage Linens and Needlepoint always captivate me.  I can't see a Vintage Needlepoint without envisioning it converted into one of my Bohemian Treasures Bags... alas, this one was still attached to a very lovely ornate Antique Chair priced at only $65, good deal.  The old Singer Sewing Machine brought back fond memories, my folks had one just like that and made all of our clothing with it when I was growing up... I liked to dress differently even then and having a OOAK custom wardrobe that Mom or Dad designed for me out of whatever fabrics I Loved was right up my alley!  My Parents are some of the most creative and stylish people I've ever met and always encouraged creativity and having your own sense of Style regardless of what was allegedly "in" or "out".  There wasn't anything my Dad couldn't create if you gave him your vision for it... whether it was food, decorating, fashion, woodworking, carving, planning an event, Art... and he was totally self-taught with a natural gift for it.  My Mom knows the Good Stuff and has exquisite taste, class and Style... if she Loves it she knows everything there is to know about it and has been an invaluable reference Source. 

If I could purchase a lifesize Bronze Statue it would definitely be something like The Pigeon Man which stands in the Park by the Library in Olde Downtown Glendale, I just love it.  The G-Kids and I always have a soft spot for the Sky Rats because they are such a persecuted wild animal by many. We have to admire how they've so successfully adapted to human encroachment and thrived to a point where they almost seem tame and comfortable around us people, choosing to share space regardless how despised they are by so many.  I know, I know... they spread diseases etc and overpopulate... I'm aware of the cons... but we have a deep Love and respect for all of God's Creatures, even those that are often considered a nuisance.  So yep, we buy the good bird seed and cat kibbles to feed the Pigeons a gourmet feast... just like Bronze Pigeon Man! *winks*  And we often champion the underdog... that's how we roll.  My Mom loves to tell stories about my Welsh Gran-Gran raising Carrier Pigeons and sending Messages back and forth between Wales and Europe during WWII. His favorite was a Female Pigeon with pale Blue eyes he named "China", she carried many important Messages between France and North Wales during WWII for my Gran-Gran.  Imagine a tiny bird making that perilous treck across the Ocean and so many miles successfully so many times and homing in on where she came from and went to each and every time... amazing!!!

How about that Antique Wicker Baby Buggy!  What a cool Shopping Cart that would make if you lined it with Vintage Fabric Sacs for all  your Treasures... you could score a lot and cart it around in style with ease!   I actually did come Home with the Vintage Bronze Silk Oriental Table Scarf for $8... it was the 2nd and last item I decided couldn't be left behind this day... but it sure was fun discovering and photographing the rest to share here in the Land Of Blog...  did you have fun?  I Hope so, we'll do this again soon okay... until then, Happy Hunting on your solo excursions... Dawn... The Bohemian 

NOTE: Today we're going to a Street Fair AND a Paris In Springtime Festival so there should be lots of fabulous eye candy to share from both events... stay tuned and have a Blessed day!!!


  1. The Pigeon Man is so cool! He riminds me of a staue from Design Toscano, which is a little girl feeding the pigeons. Much less expensive too!
    The necklace reminds me of a pin I bought for YOU but we never got that whole address thing sorted out. Want to try again?
    Happy Saturday!

  2. Dawn that $5 necklace is TDF!! Oh girl you know it's a good shopping day when!! And that is an extremely cool boudoir doll. I don't know how painfully expensive she is? But I would snap her up if it was only a little blood *winks* Oh girl I can just see Princess T with her fake eyelashes thinking they were the best thing ever and you ready to scream! Yes I too remember that siren song *winks* Whatcha gonna do? It's a great memory! And of course I love the pigeon man! Too much eye candy as usual...I love it!! Vanna

  3. Your pictures are beautiful as always, I like that pretty head!
    Thank you so much! You're quick! It is already day with you?
    Well, I know how to have may header and blog and a Swedish lady designed it for me! Isn't it lovely? Yes and often I arange pictures together.
    I give you her link:
    Look at my gispy flowers on my roses blog.
    Have a nice evening,
    love of Janny.

  4. Wow! You've been busy. I love it all, but especially that GW necklace. I can't believe the employees didn't get to it first. Love that old pink mirror too.


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