Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Adore Fabulous Fabrics

This is the Canvas Tote I bought... they were all so cute!

Nothing will draw me to a piece or sell me on a piece quite like it being made of a fabulous fabric!  It will even trump precious or semi-precious gems for this Gal because fabric encompasses more of my senses... touch in particular... which is a biggie with me!  The feel of something against my skin has always been a favorite sensory pleasure, which is why I've been drawn to sumptuous fabrics of all sorts.  Not necessarily expensive or rare mind you, though they can be, that isn't a criteria for me necessarily when I'm drawn to a piece.  Texture, Color, Design, Graphics, Composition, Creativity... can have as much impact as the type of fabric or how it feels to the touch.  I have my favorites of coarse, Velvets, Brocades, Lace, Tapestry, Needlepoint and Rustic Organic Cottons being very high at the top of my list of magnetic attractions.  And I'm an absolute fanatic about gorgeous Trims, especially Vintage European Trim... the Metallics and Velvets being the ultimate acquisitions!

On a recent forray to MELROSE VINTAGE, RUST & ROSES, SIRENS & SAINTS and ZINNIA'S AT MELROSE I hit the Motherlode of Shops that had stocked up with fabric creations that sent me into sensory overload and hyperdrive!  I am like a kid in a candy store when I enter into Fabric Valhalla since collecting fabric and fabric creations has been an obsession for many years and Fabric Art is what I enjoy most working with.  There was a new booth at ZINNIA'S that had some of the cutest canvas Totes with lots of Trims and I couldn't resist getting one. There was also lots of other eye candy in the Style that appeals to me in that booth which thankfully I was able to photograph to promote this Vendor and share with you here, because what Biz or Artist doesn't appreciate free advertisement *winks* ... before a surly offensive couple of Clerks ran the BFF and I off with rudeness, lack of diplomacy and attitude!!!  I had planned to write a totally positive review and say only the nicest of things, alas, I cannot in this case. An A+ to this Vendor for amazing product, creativity and Artful display, I feel you will have loyal followers of your craft! Alas, an F for service of the help that day that cost a Sale. We had planned to buy more, I had been in the day before and purchased several items, so I brought a Friend the next day to show her the possibilities ... but we walked out sans items we had considered, due to a neg Staffing experience.  Note to Clerks of any Biz... you can be the reason clients return again and again to a favorite haunt that they have a positive experience and vibe about, or the kiss of Death as to why they will avoid it like the plague if the experience is negative and they have to deal with bad attitude and surlyness... so be mindful of this reality!  If an employee is not a 'People Person' it might be wise to keep them away from the customers and doing other tasks instead. We love beautiful things, and heartily support local small businesses and Artists that provide them and shop there often... but not so much we'll put up with disrespect, rudeness, offensiveness, attitude or drama to get to it!  If we've had a bad experience with certain employees in the past we will generally walk right out of even a fav haunt if we see they are the only ones serving in the Shop that day, which is a pity for the Artists and Vendors whose products lure people in... only to have certain staff run them right off and out!  If it becomes too common an experience we cross that place off the list and spend our money elsewhere, because beauty and product abounds and we prefer to have our Shopping experience be a pleasure, not a pain in the a$$. And it's not always what is said, but how it is said and the attitude and demeanor of the messenger that offends and leaves a bad taste. Okay, now that I've vented about this pet peeve I feel so much better! *winks*  In all fairness I might add that the majority of the Staff at that particular place have always been sweet, friendly, warm, welcoming and an absolute Joy to deal with and so we'll probably go back when they are minding the Shop... we won't allow this couple to taint the whole experience there, yet.

So my Friends, what do you adore so much that it has a magnetic attraction for you almost every time?  What do you have the most trouble walking away from because it has that Siren's Song for you?  Something you feel an inherent connection to whether you know why or not?  I'm always intrigued by what people collect and why. I love to hear the story behind the collection, because certainly there always is one when something is so beloved that we end up with a collection of whatever it is and have that passion for it... where just one won't do! *LOL*  Adoration of something that is very special to us for whatever reason is a deeply personal experience and a Joy... what makes your Heart sing more than anything else?  Dawn... The Bohemian

*All items photographed by me at the above mentioned Shops or at my Studio.*

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  1. I don't know whether I'm happy that I found your blog or not! I'm spending waaaay to much time browsing, and I have to keep mopping up my keyboard because I'm drooling all over it. .not good for electronics.
    It is a good thing that you no longer live in Michigan. .I can see us cleaning out the numerous favorite haunts of mine. I LOVE all of your finds! Your blog is total eye candy!!!


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