Friday, March 25, 2011

How Can You Tell I'm Trying To Lose Weight Again?

How can you tell I'm trying to lose weight AGAIN?! Well, the biggest clue is that I tend to get obsessed with food... but in a good way. *LOL*  I start to really consider what I'm shoving into my mouth and why... and make better, informed, healthier, organic choices... and pay attention to portions.  Yeah, that last bit is a big one because I LOVE food, I really do, and thankfully until Menopause I was Blessed with a naturally slender body and I never had to deprive myself of loving food for about the first Fifty years.  That Blessing turned into somewhat of a double edged sword around age Fifty and beyond... and so for several years now I've battled weight related issues *le sigh* ... and because I'd never had to wage that war for so long, I wasn't very adept at fighting it or dealing with it effectively.  I feel as though I've fallen on the sword so to speak a few times!  Exercise I also love so I'm down with that part of the equation, no problemo...  I have and can still walk for MILES and do almost anything I could do in my Youth... only slower. *winks*  Yeah, moving at warp speed is somewhat a thing of the past but since I'm very ADHD slowing down has been a process, my Spirit is still apparently very youthful and my body battles with that fact sometimes! *LOL*  But I still love good flavorful food and now I have to be more careful with it, which sucks when you're a foodie.  Food isn't like most other addictions that you don't have to have and could totally give up and avoid, so having a love affair with it can be dicey and a constant problem... or so it has been for me the past few years.  I've had the victory of losing all the weight I had set a Goal to lose, only to gain it back again within the past year... darn... that wasn't supposed to happen... I thought Maintenance would be the easy part?!? I was wrong... it wasn't... and isn't... and so, yes, I'm trying to lose weight AGAIN and motivate myself with the fact that I know it is possible and I can... but I've got to definitely do something different when I attain my goals this time around.  Because the G-Kids have told me they want Gramma around for a very long time and they don't like it when I "walk old" or "act old"... i.e.: when I'm overweight and the effects of it are telling physically and emotionally. *LOL*  They get concerned because they don't actually think of me as old, which I suppose is a good thing... and so they think I can and should do just about anything, just like their Friend's Parents do... and since I'm raising them it is wise that I should take better care of myself because my Warranty can't expire and I'm expected to last for at least another 15 years or so 'til they're grown and move out *winks*... so wish me luck and weight loss my Friends... I don't know where I'm going quite yet but I'm on my way... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can totally sympathise. After 50 it's hard to keep the weight off. I have been taking a Pilates class once a week but I need to do more. Good Luck, it's worth it to remain healthy, Marian

  2. I also know that problem. Although all my life I had a ten pound weight problem. Thats not TOO BAD but it always haunted me... When I was 40 something I decided to give up my FAVORITE MEAL of the day, "DESSERT"!!! That was very hard for me BUT once I announced it I was OK! I am 56 now and don't gain any weight. I DO eat fruit and don't deprive myself of anything else...and this works for me... I NEVER liked candy or snacks SO they would never be a problem to me...
    "Good Luck to you",
    and GIANT Supportive HUGS to you,

  3. Good luck my friend..not easy to do..I have always been 107 lbs..don't hate me!! and I try and gain weight because of my health problems..Hope you have a GREAT weekend on your side of the mountain my friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Dawn I can so relate! I was always a skinny person size 2 until my 40's and then she-bang!It got harder and harder. I go into phases of running. I'll be super good for a couple of years lose all the weight then sit on my bum for awhile before going back to running. I found out that you're better off not yoyo-ing like that and just staying chunky! now I'm just sitting on my bum. I relly need to at least do some form of moderate exercise. Maybe you'll inspire me *winks* Your dinner looks delish! Vanna


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