Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Going Green

Perhaps not in the ecological sense, but I'm going mostly Green in this Post and I didn't even start to intentionally, but I noticed there was a whole lotta Green in today's photos and I thought maybe I'm going somewhere with this? I should have done it for St. Patrick's Day, that would have been appropriate, but better late than never. *Smiles* I admit that I am often drawn to things that are Green or have greenery in the print and I've always had an abundance of Plants in my Home and my Garden.  Growing up my room often looked like a Tropical Jungle, you almost needed a machete to get through it!  That Vintage Seafoam Green is perhaps one of my all time fav colors, I probably would have been in my element in the 1930's when it was all the rage.  Jewelry made of Jade, Jadite kitchenware, Green Vaseline Glass, old Green Bottles, Vintage Furniture painted beautiful shades of Green, Green Enamelware, Green Pottery, Plants with lots of foilage... I just like the natural element this color evokes in the Home and how it goes with anything and everything... Green doesn't clash with other colors and I like that versatility.  Granted neutral colors don't either, but compared to Green they tend to be more bland and not as vibrant.  I'm drawn to that which is vibrant and has a fresh, cheerful vibe and Green does that for me.  I love Nature and Green is certainly a predominant color in Nature, so it just brings the outdoors in.  I enjoy the distinction of indoors and outdoors to be blurred in our living spaces. What colors do you find yourself drawn to time and time again my Friends? And have you ever considered why?  Do you seek those things out intentionally... or does it just subconsciously seem to happen? It seems I've been going Green for quite some time now... what color have you been going?  Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Seeing those first few pictures brings back memories of my childhood in my Moms kitchen. Nice looking green pieces.

  2. I'm with you on the green thing....love it all.
    Green seems to just draw me in, especially jadeite and the chippy old paint.

  3. Beautiful post dawn..such gorgeous green..so many enchanting treasures! I love greens too..the color of balance and harmony.I flow with whatever colors i am drawn to at the time..it changes daily..colors are such a powerful experience and filled with so mnay wonderful energies...I have been flowing with aquamarines lately...and turquoise..they make me feel free.
    Happy Spring!!
    Thankyou also for sharing such a powerful and beautiful story with me..hugs..fabulous!
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  4. That was very soothing...and not a brassiere in sight! LOL!

  5. Green is a cool color and always has the effect on people, that is why it has been so popular in decorating for many years.This post you have green and I am all about PINK. Please drop by,Friends. RC and S

  6. I love that jadite green! Reminds me of my childhood. Green is my favorite color, but I lean towards the mossy velvety greens. My go to color *winks* Vanna


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