Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garden Awakening... Bloom Where You're Planted

I love Spring Bulbs, I stuck them everywhere last Season and have vowed to keep doing that annually to see what happens?!  So cheap to buy, so much bang for your buck, they are the first signs of the Garden Awakening for Spring and I love it!  My Hyacinths were the first to awaken from their slumber... I don't know the names of every Spring Bulb I might have planted as I'm no Gardener afficionado.  My Gardens tend to evolve through trial and error... with mostly error and the plants pretty much fending for themselves and blooming where they're planted.  We should be like that, blooming where we're planted and making the best of our location and resources.  I learn a lot from Nature... I've got plants that I thought were dead or too damaged to thrive and set them off to the side, sometimes without soil or even a pot... ready to put them out of their misery and into the bin... only to discover that even though I'd lost Hope and given up on them... they had determined to make a comeback and not only survive, but thrive AND EVEN BLOOM... without any help from me or anyone else and against all odds...

Do you know I have many 'survivors' like that... such as this tenacious Aloe... which had once been shriveled up and broken... a casualty in fact of a serious gopher attack.  I'd salvaged what I could and decided this piece was a lost cause and set it aside in a part of the yard that isn't even a Garden or developed yet... sprayed with weedkiller in fact to inhibit unwanted growth... and yet, I came out today and noticed not only new growth and admirable tenacity to survive... but a Bloom bursting forth into the Spring Sunshine!!!  This 'survivor' had defied all odds and set down roots where it had been cast off... and decided to just bloom where it was...not even purposefully 'planted' in fact and with no help or tender loving care like I've given the rest of the Garden.  Well... until now that is... I have to admire anything that clings so tenaciously to Life and makes the best of a bad situation, the Survivors... I take notice and respond with respect and Love.  So... I will extend the Garden to include this remarkable display of determination and natural resiliency... and give it the same loving care the rest of the Garden receives... it deserves it... we all do... may you also bloom where you are planted my Friends... and don't ever believe nobody notices... some of us do... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. love your are always so kind to stop be now it's my turn xoLaura

  2. Awww that aloe found it's place. Not the one you thought it should have, but the right one for it....I'm sure there's something deep and meaningful in that, but I'm currrently on an ice cream high (Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia) so my brain isn't working and I'm at a loss for wit and wosdom. *winks* Vanna

  3. I, too, am on a sugar high and for the life of me...I cannot get Elvis' "In the Ghetto" out of my head after reading this.
    What do you think it all means?

  4. Actually "Ghetto" is not too far from the truth! I was part of the only white family at Cabrini Green in Chicago until I became a ward of the state, hence, my ghetto decorating style!


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