Thursday, March 3, 2011

For Andie... My Inheritance... *Winks*

Andie and I were discussing our Roots... I make no bones about mine being very Bohemian and Rez inspired... my extended Family come from humble beginnings... my Dad grew up exceedingly poor.  I inherited this porcelain Chimpanzee... yep, part of my inheritance... that's how we roll *LOL*... and I LOVE him... got Sylvac England stamped on the bottom of his foot.  My Dad had very eclectic tastes, he loved Kitsch... I love it too... some might call it tacky... it's all a matter of perspective I suppose... to me it is just a fun Style that doesn't take itself too seriously... just like me... and so its a good fit... My folks always knew the Good Stuff and had a lot of it, but we also had a lot of ethnic decor and fun styles as well, they weren't afraid to mix it up or apologize for anything they loved and I liked that about our Home... and that's how I choose to decorate our Home as well... so you'll see the expensive beside the 'Hood' decor... and to me it's all good...  So this Post's for you Andie... showin off my Monkey... *winks* ... Dawn... The Bohemian 

I've decided to enter him in Cindy's SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY over at MY ROMANTIC HOME... So come on over and show us your Monkey... or whatever... winks...


  1. Well I love your chimp Dawn! He has tons of personality! And I too love a little kitsch *winks*
    Tell Princess T that they also make the Cherry Garcia in frozen yogurt *winks* It's also really yummy....and maybe a little healthier for grandma! Lol! Vanna

  2. That is one special monkey, my friend! One special monkey, indeed!
    I have no hand me downs. as wards of the state are not real people. That is why I try to buy nice things that Gracie can pass down to her children!


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