Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Different Kind Of Spring Fever

I finally put this beautiful Becky Edwards Bluebird Bracelet I've admired for months on Layaway.

This was a very versatile piece of Art Jewelry, it was also a Milagro style Reliquary Locket AND detached from the Necklace Chain to become a Brooch!!!

This Door Hall Tree Creation Sold as I was having Lunch!
This was the other side of Door Hall Tree Creation... Loved it!

The Man and I had to cancel our Anniversary Plans to go to Vegas because we both came down sick with a different kind of Spring Fever... the yucky kind! *le sigh*   Definitely didn't want to be out of town and feeling under the weather, so we stayed Home and made our Doctor appointments.  The Man relies on Western Medicine... I opt for Eastern Medicine... we'll see who feels better first. *winks*  I always feel considerably better almost immediately after one of my Treatments at EVERGREEN CENTER OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE and I'll be using Manuka Honey with Herbal Teas to relieve my congestion and symptoms.  And the really sweet part is... some of my fav Shops are within walking distance of the Center so I did a bit of retail therapy too! *Smiles*  Yes, I stepped right next door after my Acupuncture Session and FINALLY put the beautiful Becky Edwards Bluebird Bracelet on Layaway that was at COTTAGE GARDEN 2 to ensure it doesn't go Home with someone else. *winks*  I had been visiting it and loving it every visit  like a non-custodial Parent! *LOL*  Each time hating to leave it behind because I desperately wanted it to be able to come Home with me!  I adore all of Becky's work, she is a very gifted Artist and her creations are always magnificent!  Carol always stocks the two COTTAGE GARDEN Shops with fabulous finds... and as well as swooning over the new Becky Edwards and Laura Van creations there was an abundance of Springtime fashions, bling, flowers and the Heavenly scent of fresh potpourri wafting through the air!  The color palette for Spring fashions is so bright and cheerful this year that it made me feel better just beholding it all!   I went for a long walk on this lovely Spring Day and took in several other delightful Shops... sneak preview in this  Post and will round out the other eye candy in the next Post.  I had a delicious Lunch at CEE CEE'S ON THE CORNER and sat out on the Porch to dine... with having such a perfect Spring Day almost everyone was chosing to dine in the Garden or on the Porch and huge Butterflies were fluttering among the Vines and Flowers.  My grilled Chicken Pita came with yummy Chicken Soup, perfect for when you're out in glorious weather but feeling a bit under the weather.  And the Restaurant also has an amazing selection of Lovelies in the Shop portion of this beautiful Historic Cottage.  I had photographed some of my fav pieces before I sat down to Lunch, including a fabulous Door Hall Tree Creation that "Mr. Cee Cee" had recently created and just set out this Morning he told me... it Sold as I was having Lunch... not surprising it didn't last more than 30 minutes after being offered for Sale... hopefully he'll be creating some more of this fabulousness?!? *Hint Hint Mr. Cee Cee, Smiles* 

So, even though our Plans didn't pan out as we'd hoped for the Anniversary... and the pesky and persistent Bronchitis Bug is battling us both... it has still been a delightful weekend in spite of the obstacles... because I've found that if you are determined to have a good attitude... you will usually also view your days as good days. My Hope is that you too are having a good day my Friends and will consider continuing the window shopping with me tomorrow as we behold even more delightful eye candy...   Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I would never go to a western doctor unless I punctured something! Pharmaceutical lackeys!
    I love the, love, lovity love!
    Get better soon, my friend!

  2. Hey Happy Anniversary (a day late) girlfriend! Sorry you're feeling a little under the weather. Go East youg Miss go East! *winks* My hubbs and I went out to mexican dinner and then some thrift shoppin' and it was fab! Will you be hitting Vegas a little later?
    Love all the eye candy as always! Great bracelet! Glad you made it yours.
    That door was really cool! When we were out shopping today I found a vendor who had two pink doors with the most perfect chippy time worn appearance for $49. I was tempted then and I'm MORE tempted now! *winks* Vanna

  3. Happy Anniversery!! Hoping you're feeling better soon, and thanks for the virtual shopping tour, really pretty things, that bracelet you but on layaway is fabulous!!

  4. I love the virgin mary necklaces!
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Happy sunday wishes, Vilde

  5. That bracelet is gorgeous! Don't blame you for purchasing that little lovely...I hope you feel better soon - I am also a huge advocate of Manuka honey - wonderful stuff - Olive Leaf extract is also fantastic. Beautiful pics as usual x

  6. Happy Anniversary and feel better! I have to admit that I envy your artistic surroundings. You have such beautiful shops with such goodies.

    I love all your photos but I am partial to all that sparkly jewelery!

  7. love everything you post....Thank you for sharing such amazing treasures.

  8. What a great idea for a hall tree! My husband needs a place for all of his fedoras and I think I've just found the answer . . . The jewelry is breathtaking, too. Don't you just love a Frozen Charlotte? So simple yet bursting with personality!!!



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