Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cold Windy Day = French Onion Soup & Silk Kimonas

This has been a very strange Season indeed, the weather can't seem to make up it's mind... one day it's warm, sunny and magnificently Springlike... the next day it's cold, windy and wet.  Living in a Desert I don't really mind the wet, we will ultimately need it before the long droughts.  But the cold and windy... not a fan of that.

However... a cold windy day sets the stage for certain indulgences that just feel right on such a day. A cold windy day = French Onion Soup and dressing up in Silk Kimonas!  Yes, Princess T and I always enjoy a hot bowl of Soup with a fresh Salad and lounging around in our Silk Kimonas on those chilly, windy days where we're snuggled up inside and don't want to brave the elements.  French Onion Soup is one of my favorites... with toasted crouton bread and fresh melted Swiss Cheese on top... yum yum! And 'My Nana's' multi-colored Tortilla Strips sprinkled atop a fresh Salad... for some Southwestern flavor on a not so very Southwestern type of day. *Smiles*

So my Friends, what do YOU enjoy doing on a blustery day?  You see, if you make any type of day special in some kind of way, it's all good... Dawn... The Bohemian

NOTE: Before I could Post this entry our weather took a glorious Sunny turn now... so we're throwing off our Silk Kimonas and opting for Fresh Fruit and Salads eaten outside in the warm Sunshine!  Adapt, improvise and enjoy each and every day is our Mantra... 

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  1. Yum...your soup looks divine and fabulous..! awww...so sweet she is adorable!


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