Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Southwestern Art... And My Eclectic Tastes

I've lived in the Southwest since the early 1970's and so I've been able to enjoy Southwestern Art in all it's varied forms.  The blending of cultural influences infused into a Style that is both distinctive and conjures up images of the West, past and present.  The infusion of the Spiritual, Latino, Native American, Old West and Pioneer Styles I find to be delightful, rich in cultural significance and beautiful.  At one time our Home was very Native American and Southwestern influenced in predominant decor because that is a part of my heritage that I enjoyed surrounding myself with. Even as my Style of the Bohemian heritage has greatly influenced me over the years.  I may incorporate other Styles as they captivate me... but I do find that after a time... I always gravitate back to my Bohemian, Spiritual and Native American roots... my aesthetic is definitely linked to those cultures and beliefs that run through my veins and I feel a strong connection to.  Bold, rich, vivid colors and exotic textures... and Natural elements are something I've never been able to shake... even though I can swoon over the Whites and Pastels that others decorate with and for a brief time keep that color scheme and Style in limited portions of our Home... but it never remains pure... it can't... my natural tendencies will ultimately creep in and then take over again. *winks*  So it won't be at all unusual in our Home to see a melding of styles that is extreme eclectic Styling... Limoges next to a Native American Talisman... a Nordic piece sharing space with a Gypsy piece... an expensive Antiquity sitting beside a Rock, a Seashell or Art my G-Kids have made... Santos and European Religious Art... a Persian Rug and Belgian cut Velvets... the Gothic and the Art Nouveau.  I like many things and though my tastes are predominantly Bohemian, I believe in buying what you Love and making room for it... because living with what you Love transcends a particular Style or theme... it's a reflection of who you are... celebrate it... Dawn... The Bohemian    


  1. What fun treasures my friend...I soooo would love a pair of those boots. I also believe you must live only with what you love!!!

    Hugs to you!

  2. You would LOOOOVE the pillows I just bought! I actually thought of you when I first laid eyes on them!
    I love your style but I have to be a bit more spartan with 7 quadrupeds fuzzing up the joint!
    Happy March!


  3. Thanks so much for linking up Dawn, I look so forward to this... I think it will be great fun and so inspirational as in your images here. I am with you on buying what makes you happy and then finding a place for it. That is always how I decorate...like a great big puzzle :) only right now I have way to many pieces for my puzzle!
    Many blessings this week

  4. Dawn, what nice photos filled with rich texture and color. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my New Orleans trip. It's been a pleasure "meeting" you.

  5. Dawn, what a fabulous post! I couldn't agree more...my home is a real mixture of styles, and while I love gazing upon white rooms, I must have colour, and lots of it! I am the same in the way that I dress - don't follow the trends, just wear what makes me happy...I think I may have died and gone to gypsy heaven - those cowboy boots are to die for! I agree that you must buy what you love...my poor husband, when I see something I like he says "but where will you put that?" To which I always reply - "I will find the perfect spot!"


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