Saturday, February 26, 2011

Signs Spring Has Sprung

There are just certain signs that appear as Spring is drawing near... and I know when Spring has sprung by some of the following signs:

My bulbs begin breaking forth from their dormant sleep.

The G-Kids and I get restless being inside and long for even more outdoor time.

Princess T begins to have a strong Diva Dress Up hankering with Sun Hats, Silk Kimonas, flowers in her hair and play make-up.

The walks in the Desert Botanical Gardens become more frequent and we can now bring Nanna *My Mom* with us because it's not too hot yet.

Adorable Baby animals start showing up everywhere in Nature.

Our entire Garden comes to life in a flurry of new beginnings.

I get the urge to Spring Clean... hey, ANY urge for me to clean means something is up! *winks*

Prince R starts having the desire to make lots of beautiful Origami Butterflies and Flowers... he is the Prodigy Origami Master! 

The Man and I start wanting to take more Road Trips to spontaneous destinations.

And I get the strong desire to wanna go Blonde again... *LOL*

Happy Spring!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

And I'm linking up with Hakan over at MALE'S ROSE GARDEN  (MALEVIKS ROSENTRADGARD) for SATURDAY SHOW OFF ... come delight in magnificent Gardens and vignettes from all over the World!


  1. my first time visiting your beautiful blog :o). it's lovely. your children are beautiful. i'm of to reading more of your posts.
    have a wonderful weekend

  2. Dawn y'all look lovely in spring! As always digging the jewelry girlfriend. Princess T looks like a chinese princess this time around and an origami master is very handy to have around also! I never could quite get the hang of it. Bought books and everything *sighs* Oh well some things are not meant to be....I'm afraid that includes my French chateau. But I can dream! Oh and sorry about not getting back to you about that "painful chandy" I'll email ya about that one. Vanna


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