Friday, February 4, 2011

The Retro Kitchen

I have never liked modern kitchens, and no kitchen I've ever had has been anything but pure Vintage.  Sure I know the modern kitchen has all of the convenient amenities that progress has afforded this current generation... and I'm not saying I haven't embraced a few like the Microwave, Blender, and top of the line Fridges and Freezers to make life easier at times.  Especially when I was holding down demanding careers and juggling the Corporate World and raising a Family simultaneously.  But overall, give me the Vintage or Retro Kitchens of the past any day. I prefer the look and atmosphere it creates, when more things were made from scratch and home-made cooking was the norm and 'fast food' was something you did as a novelty, but it sure never beat the smells, sights, tastes, fellowship and ambiance of those meals lovingly prepared in the Vintage Kitchen at Home and shared together as a Family!  Eating on the run just was not done in those days... and in some cultures we visited in my Dad's long Military career which took us to foreign lands, mealtime any time of the day was taken very seriously and very likely still is.   But here in America I see a decline in both the preparation of wholesome meals and the sharing of the meal with Family and Friends... assembling to break bread together is too often saved for special occasions rather than a daily occurrence.   The tools of the trade have changed too... Vintage Kitchenware was built to last and the patina from years of use was evident and gave it the distinctive character coveted by collectors and purists who want those pieces aged to perfection... finishes that only true time and use can develop and perfect.   Now we're more inclined to be a throwaway society and modern Kitchen items were never meant to stand the test of time... or even be repaired... just replaced... and usually in just a year or so at that!  I could be wrong but I don't foresee many of  the modern Kitchenware being a collectible of tomorrow... what modern piece do you now have in your kitchen that you feel someone would find charming and bring back a heavy dose of nostalgia say twenty years from now?  I cook on a 1940's era gas stove... I love it... and it's outlasted many of my Friends modern appliances... and they'll probably go through a few more modern stoves before my old Vintage pieces give out.  My old thick sturdy Mixing Bowls with lovely patina and charming designs I would never think of replacing with Tupperware or other plastic versions.  The old fashioned cabinets and dining sets just have such character and purpose to every square inch of them.  My old Silver and Silverplate flatware will probably last forever, it was made to last you see... and not fall apart so that it would have to soon be replaced.   I know, some of you might say, but don't you just get tired of the same old stuff that never wears out and want something different?  No... not really... I've found that when you invest in quality functional pieces that last you have more discretionary funds for those other pleasures in life. Because you don't have to keep replacing the same things over and over again because they went on the fritz or wore out because they were designed to fail and become obsolete and make the manufacturers and retailers richer and you... well, in an endless cycle of replacement necessity.  So, I'll stick with my Vintage Kitchen and gear... it just makes good sense AND it looks absolutely charming too... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Photos of Vintage Kitchenware were taken at THE MAD HATTER ANTIQUE MALL and APPLE TREE ANTIQUES in Glendale, Arizona.*


  1. Good Morning Dawn,
    Girl I use all my antique and vintage kitchen stuff each day and I would not trade my olden kitchen for nothing..Took me many years to make it look olden ha ha!! Come by and take a look at what I got..I just know you will see what I mean..Hugs and smiles..I have been following you since I found you at Winks or Vanna's blog ha ha!! Hope you have a great day..hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Well, I'm faily drooling over red and white piece that remind me of my grandmother's kitchen when I was little - she had an old red and white table set - the kind with the mother of pearl top (it also had a big bouquet design embedded in the middle), and a 4" red lip down around the edges...with ice cream parlor type chairs upholstered with deep red vinyl. If I had that set and this red and white cupboard, I could die a happy camper! Have a wonderful weekend - Tanya

  3. No plastic here either. Too many toxic chemicals!

  4. I'm so with you Dawn! Love the old! hence lvroftiques! Give me the old and authentic every time. That said I do have a newish kitchen which I hate. Can't be helped, I don't have the funds to rip it out so I'll just have to make do. But I'm a little green about your 40's gas range girlfriend! *winks* And one of these days I wanna go shopping with you! Looks like you have some fab shops in AZ!....Oh and about froggy boggy?....Could you please make me the sweet little girl and not the scary ole witch in the story? Lol!! Vanna


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