Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Early Anniversary Gift


It is no secret that I typically scour the market for my gifts for a special occassion long before the actual date... and The Man and I prefer picking out our own special gifts so that we get exactly what we want and have a longing for and get the best deal possible... 'cause that's how we roll! *winks*  Our Anniversary is in mid-March... but I start seeking out that one item I desire as this year's Anniversary Gift right after the New Year... no impulse buying or settling for this Bohemian Diva! *Smiles*  Oh no, after this many years of Marriage I'm getting something I really want! *LOL*  And this year it happened to be an MP Bag I came across... but it had a significant condition issue... namely the Vintage Brooch was missing and had left a stain where it used to be that wasn't going to come out.  I hesitated slightly, but I still liked the bag and the repair of a replacement Antique Brooch wouldn't really be a challenge since, as you know, I collect such Bohemian Treasures. I just had to find the one I liked best on the bag that would cover up most of the discoloration and attach it.   The discolored shape on the flap indicated it had obviously once had an oval Brooch of some kind... though the Seller, a very sweet Gal, said she couldn't remember exactly what it had looked like and it had fallen off the bag and sadly been lost some time ago, which is a shame as re-attachment of the original piece would have been ideal.  I have some great looking oval Brooches and Victorian Sashes that were the right size and shape... but decided instead upon this favorite Antique Buckle style Brooch that I preferred.   I love the ornate detail work and very large very vivid Blue Stone on this piece and it had been waiting for a special project such as this.  And there's no way I'm waiting 'til March to enjoy or share my new 'gently used' bag now that I've gussied it up just the way I like it. *LOL*  So I'm very, very content with my early Anniversary Gift... Honey, you always get me the nicest things *winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OOOH Your bag is gorgeous!!! I'll bet you can't wait to fill it up and use it:) Happy early Anniversary to you and The Man:) Hope he is doing well.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Ahhh Dawn, she is a beauty...happy early anniversary x

  3. Dawn that is one dreamy gift!! My anniversary is March 18th. I already received an art nouveau box for $22 (That I of course picked out myself)....I think I need to hold out LOL! *winks* You are the perfect person for that baq because of course you had just the right jewels to make it perfect again! It IS yummy girlfriend!! Vanna

  4. That bag is so beautiful! So many textures and colors...I love it! Have a happy anniversary!

  5. Are you shi$%^ing me??!! That's too wild!! Sheesh we really are twinsies!! You're a little more bohemian and I'm a little more french! But we sure do love the same things!....Um I got married in Vegas so I had a big "bohemian" moment there LOL! There are three of us blonds in my just sayin"......Haha! Vanna

  6. I am new to your blog and have become a follower. I just love the purses. YOu are a Lucky one, Happy Anniversary.

  7. Oh you lucky one....such treasure you found again.....LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!
    From your husband??? Send me such man please ;0)
    Happy anniversary

  8. Well Dawn you must be so chuffed that you found this truely gorgeous Magnolia Pearl Bag - they are one of a kind! A wonderful Anniversary present if ever I have seen one! Congratulations to you both.

  9. Ooh la la - that ROCKS!!! My anniversary is March 20th - Happy early anniversary! Tanya


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