Monday, February 28, 2011

Creating That Zen Moment

I don't know about you but I've really been in need of creating that Zen Moment lately.  Life can come at you fast and furious... and sometimes I just need to slow it down to a more relaxed and Spiritual pace so that I can feel a Peace about my day.  I don't function well in chaos or drama... I'm a very laid back Bohemian Spirit that enjoys orderly peaceful days to delight in.  There are some that would contend that it could become boring to have order and Peace and a stillness to life, but I've never been easily bored... in fact I can't remember the last time I felt or was bored even in the quiet moments of Life.  I actually revel in a Zen Moment and would be perfectly content with more of them, things come sharply into focus in my mind and my Spirit when activity and noise are stilled for a time... even a lengthy time.  I enjoy the relaxed natural pace that Nature often provides and teaches us in the rhythm of Life... where things happen as they should and time almost stands still because it isn't relevant.  Senses are heightened... hearing, smell, sight, touch, taste... and those inner senses that quite often get drowned out and suppressed are allowed to come forth.  I enjoy communing with Nature, it has taught me more lessons than I ever learned from a formal education.

What creates that Zen Moment best for you my Friends?  Do you intentionally take the time to create it as often as you need to?  I confess that sometimes I get so caught up in the hectic, frenzied pace of Life coming at me that I fail to step out of it for those moments I should... as often as I should and need to.  Even though I know I risk the crash and burn of living Life too fast, too reactively, dealing with more than is realistic at once or allowing the issues of others to infect and affect my calm.  And it is at those particular times that I'm reminded that... as Ghandi said, there is more to life than simply increasing it's speed.  And I slow down, purposefully... and step out of the rat race and into those Zen Moments that can so easily be created and savored... to restore and balance the body, mind and Spirit and come back to Center... which is where I should be... and it feels right again.  I do Hope our time spent here together has provided you with a Zen Moment in your day, I know it has for me... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Last two images are cropped favorite Bing images.* 

As a young child you can lie on the sand as the waves wash around you, and not even think of the trouble you will have later getting the sand out of your hair. - Quote from "Zen Meditations On Being A Mother"

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  1. I just love your pictures for this posts, but than I like your pictures on all your post. I love candles and I make my own. I love sitting in my comfy chair drinking a cup of tea with a candle lit and just relaxing with a lap quilt over me. Oh and some relaxing music on.

  2. Oh Dawn, your pictures are so beautiful... and what a very inspiring post, I really needed this... if you read my last post you will understand why!

  3. Hello a powerfully visual and super-beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your magical world of bliss, beauty and gorgeousness! Fabulous uplifting! Like a meditative journey...thankyou!
    yes I do take time to slow down always...and create zen moments is my balance and my harmony!! Wonderful post!
    Thankyou for all your beautiful words and visit.

  4. I just love your site. I come back regularly just to get pick-me-up. Do you get all these photos yourself and if you do how do you find the time. The photos are bring to life the little things that are usually missed in the bigger scheme of things. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, this is my first time to comment. Thanks for giving us all something to take the time to slow down for.

  5. In looking at your gorgeous photos, I'm reminded God does take care of the details and I feel an ease in my heart knowing that and with that knowledge comes peace.

  6. Your photos of so many different things are just wonderful to see!

    My Zen moment is when I spent time taking pictures of nature..My mind is clear and I appreciate the beautiful things that are around me.

    Thank you for reading my Childhood Series, and your very kind compassionate comments have more meaning to me than I can tell you!

  7. How beautiful the desert is when in bloom, I rarely get to see that as I am always there in Feb. I loved seeing your pictures today and I so agree with what you are saying about stepping into your inner peace and meditating. The scriptures say and think on those things that are lovely and pure. It is so important today to guard our heart against so much that comes against us from every direction.
    Many Blessings today

  8. ok!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's really hard to say wich pics i didn't like so here goes what i love:
    the cactus
    the fountain (i want one!!!!)
    the flowers
    the dunky (i'll have one in the future!!9
    the bath (can i just get in there?!?!)
    happy night


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