Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart... Binky La Faye!

I never receive the fancy Heart shaped boxes, because traditionally they're full of chocolates... and I can't eat chocolate.  I don't mind not being able to eat chocolate... but I sure have lusted over some of those beautiful Heart shaped boxes over the years.  Just didn't make much sense to buy one, throw out the chocolates and just keep the box though. *winks*  But a re-purposed beautiful Heart shaped box embellished by an amazing Artist... well, that's a whole other story my Friends!  And so it was... that I saw THE Post vignette that made me swoon on talented Artist Binky LaFaye's site!!!  Be still my beating Heart... these were the two photos from Binky's Romantic vignette that absolutely captivated me of the fabulous Valentine's Day Hearts she had created with Love and oodles of creativity... out of beautiful Vintage Velvets, old Lace, delicate Millinery Flowers, feathery eyelash trims, old Sepia photo and embellishments of the palette hues that I absolutely adore... in a style of faded elegance that I find to be the height of Romance!

You really should see ALL of the Hearts Binky made and how artfully she displayed them, she makes it look so effortless, natural and undecorated... which is no easy feat!  So I HAD to have one... and though it was difficult to choose since each was magnificent... I did have one that just called out to me. 

And today it came... be still my beating Heart again... as I opened the package and beheld my wonderful Heart shaped Box in the flesh and could examine every beautiful square inch of it.

And though it is beautiful in pictures they don't really do it justice... it is even more captivating to display in my own vignettes... the Grandkids liked the bird's nest part of the original Binky vignette so they found me one and my Grandson embellished it - smiles.  Now I have another beautiful piece of storage to put my trinkets and Bohemian Bling in and feel the textures of the beautiful fabrics of which this Heart is created from.  Because what Gal wouldn't adore Vintage Velvets and Lace... and have a Key to her Heart... Dawn... The Bohemian

PS: Binky, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it GF, you are one amazing Artist!!!

I'm linking up with Laurie's Valentine's Party at BARGAIN HUNTING AND CHATTING WITH LAURIE, come check out all the Romantic entries and join us!


  1. Dawn, you are so sweet to pay such nice compliments to the valentine heart box I made. You have a wonderful way with words. It's always a little scarry putting one's art out there cuz you never know if anyone else will get it, or like it. It's always thrilling when someone actually wants to pay money for something I make. Glad to know there are so many kindred spirits out there. And it's wonderful to know that your grandson is interested in things of beauty, I'm sure you are a wonderful grandmother!!! With Love, Binky

  2. Dawn what a beautiful heart box!! Is the other one still available? *winks* It's speaking "my" name lol! Now that's my kind of Valentines gift!! Vanna

  3. These boxes are wonderfull. What a gift. Thanks for the tip, next year I will order in advance. Thanks, Richard at

  4. Oh Dawn, these beautiful heart boxes are stunning..Be still my heart is saying it best. I will have to check out your lovely artist friend..
    BEAUTIFUL is all I can say...
    Yours Sincerely


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