Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Timeless Treasures

What are those Timeless Treasures, those items you seek out again and again, which never fail to excite you or make you swoon?  What items are hard for you to walk away from?  What are you willing to make special sacrifices to acquire or splurge on?  For each of us those answers can be vastly different and quite diverse.  Or in the case of kindred Spirits they can be very similar and what will make one's Heart skip a beat will very likely make an identical impact upon another like minded Soul.   I suppose that is why I like seeing such diversity in the marketplaces that specialize in attracting Treasure Hunters like ourselves.  Because truly what is one person's trash can be another person's Treasure and you never really know what value a piece may have to that individual who is actively seeking it out and is delighted to find it!  I might very well walk right past a piece that is virtually invisible to me because it doesn't call out to me like it might call out to you... those are the pieces you tend to zero in on, like an internal radar, and  each of you knows what "it" is for you. *wink*  Vignettes can be thickly layered with lovelies, but if a piece is one of your Timeless Treasures, it will practically overshadow everything around it, as if standing on it's own.  That is, unless there is a bevy of perfect pieces together and you find yourself in Treasure Hunter's Bliss because virtually everything surrounding you is sublime and you're beholding it all with utter adoration!!!   Have you ever walked up to a booth that was displayed beautifully, the vignettes were perfection and you could appreciate it all, and yet, there just wasn't anything there you HAD to have?  Likewise, have you walked up to one that was a jumbled mess and had nothing in particular that pleased the eye and  you wouldn't really think would have anything you valued, but then, hidden amongst the junk was *gasp* THE perfect item!?!  That is why I hardly ever just concentrate merely on those places and spaces that draw me in because they are so well done and have a lot of potential Treasures... but also on those that might be a diamond in the rough and you might have to do some digging to uncover buried Treasure!  I am grateful to those who possess the Gift and Art of display, since there have been many times I've been inspired by their creativity and lovely vignettes... and actually buy items that weren't originally on my Timeless Treasures list... but after seeing how they were displayed, purposed, re-purposed or used I wanted to have one and do likewise with it, recreating that look in our Home or in my wardrobe.   Often a particular look won't just be a single piece, but a conglomeration of pieces that give it that distinction and attractiveness as a whole.  It's one reason I bring my camera almost everywhere, snapping away at anything that catches my eye... because some looks take time to develop and complete... and you can use your photos as reference material for the inspiration, to remember how something was put together, and what you still want or need to acquire over time.  And the distinction of a Timeless Treasure is that it very likely won't be a fashion or a fad that passes with you... it will be a Style and personal preference that abides... and those are the items truly worth investing in and can even be deemed priceless in your eyes and Heart... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Most items photographed at 'Rust And Roses'  and 'Melrose Vintage' in Phoenix or various Shops in Downtown Glendale, Arizona.*

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