Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Swooning Over Broken China...

Imagine if you will, a beautiful piece of China, that meets with an unfortunate accident and becomes broken, shattered, damaged beyond repair!   What to do?!?  Well, many amazing Artists are now repurposing such pieces of tragic scenarious into something beautiful again, in the form of Broken China Jewelry Art... Vanity Mirrors... and whatever other visions they have imaginings for salvaging the fragments of beautiful broken China and giving it a new life.   I swoon over these broken China pieces, each so unique and lovely... some have been married to pieces of orphaned Silverware to form unique Bracelets... other pieces incorporate the delicate China flowers from damaged pieces they once graced.  There are unique scenes that have been salvaged and now become the focal point of fabulously designed wearable Art.  And then there are those Mosaic Art pieces that can transform broken China into coverings for just about anything you can imagine... from furniture to flowerpots, from suitcases to silverware.   Yes, broken China no longer has to be discarded once it is no longer in it's original form, the damaged pieces can now be resurrected... because to the creative Spirit and the Artist it can now become a new creation, to be cherished and enjoyed once again... Dawn... The Bohemian 

*All pieces of Jewelry shown are for sale at Cottage Garden 2 in Glendale, AZ... Mosaic Suitcase privately owned by a Friend*

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