Monday, December 13, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is beholding the decorated Christmas Trees.  Decorating a Tree is one of those creative moments anyone can participate in and express themselves with abandon as they bring to life their vision of how their Tree(s) will look this Holiday Season.  Each year you have the opportunity to dress up a Tree any way you would like, allowing your imagination, personality and personal preferences to shine and delight yourself and others beholding your handiwork.  The possibilities are endless... the types of Trees and decorations available are limited only by your imagination... your creativity and collections can be on display and create magical moments for the Holiday Season.   A decorated Tree often anchors the space it is displayed in, being a lovely focal point of any Home, Business, Commercial space or outdoor display.  I don't believe I've ever seen a Christmas Tree I didn't enjoy and like, no matter the size or how simply or extravagantly it was decorated... even a natural Christmas Tree sans decor is beautiful.  Whether you go with the real Tree or the faux Tree, natural colored, flocked, Retro aluminum or the array of lovely unusual colors they come in now... each has merits and is a feast for the eyes.  I enjoy looking at the faces of people beholding a Tree for the first time... the Joy, delight and inspiration it can bring... especially to the Children... and those of us who still view the Holidays with childlike wonder and Joy.  Now that I've entered the Land Of Blog I'm able to expand my special Christmas Tradition of beholding decorated Christmas Trees to a whole new level, as I marvel and enjoy the Trees each of you shares in your Posts each day as we near Christmas.  There truly is no end to how much creativity and character can be expressed in the decoration of the Christmas Tree... as each Tree is unique, one of a kind and special... just like the people who have decorated them... Merry Christmas my one of a kind special Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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