Friday, December 10, 2010

Funky Favorites

I love the funky Artistic creations of Artist Becky Edwards of 'Every Dish Has It's Day'... Jewelry, hanging Mirrors, hand held Vanity Mirrors, Crosses... all made from broken China and repurposed Bling and Porcelain figures.   I don't believe I've ever seen a piece of hers that I didn't like... it's creative genius of Bohemian style at it's best.  Her work can be found locally at a couple of my favorite shops "Cottage Garden 2" and "Rust And Roses".   I love just about any kind of funky Jewelry and accessory in fact and it delights me that the Artists specializing in funky Altered Art are abounding now and a fearless approach to fashion is emerging with few inhibitions and tons of imagination and funky  flair!!!  Breaking all the "rules" and just using what they like and find interesting to make beautiful wearable Art, accessories and decor.  When someone's Art and vision is distinctive and unique it makes me wonder how interesting it would be to get inside their head and truly experience and understand where the magic happens and how they get it from their imagination into a manifestation of reality where the rest of us get but a mere glimpse of their World and imaginings! 

 Another funky favorite of mine would be unusual Chandeliers... those with beads or crystals catch my eye, but Italian Tole and just about any Chandelier that is distinctive draws me like a magnet.  I have been known to find a discarded Chandelier with good bones and dress it up so that it transforms into a funktastic creation.  A good piece of Lighting can anchor a room and create the atmosphere and ambiance that makes it special.  I have a preference for Vintage Lighting... but there are some pretty nice reproductions that capture a Vintage Vibe adequately and are just as eyecatching as the real deal.   You can opt for the electrical versions or those that hold candles... and the variety of bulbs available now is impressive... with some resembling actual flames.  Even if a Chandelier is non-functional I'll often buy it... and while waiting for a rewiring I'll just utilize it as a beautiful accessory of decor to a room.  Is it a bit odd to have Lighting that does not light... perhaps... but if something adds beauty to a room or a vignette, either outside or in... I say why not?!   What are some of YOUR Funky Favorites my Friends? ... Dawn... The Bohemian

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. These are gorgeous, my fave is the cross mirror.
    She does such creative work, also love that jewelry piece on the statue. way cool!! Thanks for joining in to VIF!


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