Monday, December 20, 2010

December's Melrose Crawl Post #4

Our final stops on the Melrose Crawl were at Melrose Vintage, Paris Envy and Olive In Paris... where you can find decor and fashions that range from soft and Romantic to Bohemian Chic.  I like the French and Shabby Chic influences when it comes to the soft and Romantic look...  And the Gypsy influences when it comes to the Bohemian Chic look.  Two distinctive looks and yet I find myself attracted to both for different reasons.   I mean who wouldn't feel Romantic and Feminine in a Boudoir filled with luxurious Linens, delicate Lace fabrics, ornate Crystal Chandeliers and Sconces, huge  detailed Columns, tall Antique Baroque Mirrors, scads of big fluffy squishy Pillows and French Feedsack upholstered armchairs!  And for the Bohemian Spirit, the satiny Slips, the exotic Jewel Tones, rich heavy sumptuous fabrics and Gypsy atmosphere bring out the free Spirited Sexy side... or maybe that's just me? *LOL*  There isn't one of these settings that I wouldn't feel right at home with and comfortable beyond description.  Can you imagine curling up in one of those beds or seating arrangements... perhaps with a cup of Tea, a good book... or better yet, a good Man? *wink*  It's too bad that I would feel ridiculous sporting one of those amazing Crowns around Town... because I think they're lovely... and surrounded by my time worn Treasures and Bohemian accents I feel rather like Royalty... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Wow, what fabulous looking things in these pics, I'd be hours if I were to stop here. Happy Christmas week, T

  2. Hi Dawn
    The pictures are fabulous, I'll take 2 of everything... I find I have a great variety of taste when it comes to decorating and I love to mix it all up. I don't think we have to stick to one style in our homes. Of course I have always gone with the thought, it's my home and I can do what I want to :)
    Blessings to you this Christmas week


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